Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So, I don't know how many times I've sat down to write something in this thing, only to get a sentence or two out and then quit. I don't know. My life is just boring I guess. Facebook has sucked the life right out of me.

As I sit here, I worry about Louie. He's crazy allergic to fleas and I don't know what to do. There isn't a medicine out there that repels fleas, other than Advantix and I've read some scary stuff about it, especially for smaller dogs. Also, not once has my vet reccomended it. Frontline works, but if your pet gets a flea, it takes 18 hours of coming in contact with your pet for it to work. So, for 18 hours, Louie is the flea's personal buffet, making him miserable.

If I see him being aggresive with a spot, I'll get the flea comb out and give him a once over, but trying to find one flea on a dog with a wiry top coat, and a thick undercoat is hard. I will admit feeling a great sense of accomplishment when I do find it though and smash that little fucker on the comb, even better if there is an audible pop. I'm gross like that.

Basically, we're treating him with meds to keep his comfort level as close to normal. He has to take a antihistamine twice a day and I have a topical spray that I use when he's really going nuts. He is TERRIFIED of the spray. He runs away. I only used a water bottle as a punishment once before when we first got him. Well, that is until Jonny got a hold of it, and took Louie to the side of the house and sprayed him over and over again, making it a fun game. When I couldn't find them, I yelled for them, and here comes a guilty kid and a very wet and happy dog.

Jonny has been a bit of a pill lately. I'm just so used to him being so good. Tony and I are noticing that Jonny is "that" kid when he plays. The one who can dish but can't take it. He comes runnining in every five minutes wanting to tattle on some kid. Come to find out, it's usually becasue Jonny is being a d-bag. Like, yesterday he came in WAILING saying that the other kids beat him up. Aislinn even came in and said "Yeah they were, I thought they were playing, but they weren't" So, I'm thinking it's the older kids Aislinn was playing with. Tony goes out there and the kid that "beat up" Jonny was smaller than him and he did it because Jonny called him a name. Now, I'm not saying Jonny deserved to get his ass kicked... but.. well... I'm just saying. Really, he didn't get his ass kicked, the kid pushed him down to the ground. That's what happens when you call someone a name. Tough lesson to learn kid. He wasn't really happy when his Dad told him that. He's an antagonizer, then when the kids retaliate, he runs to mom. Usually I tell him to suck it up and if he's going to keep crying he can stay in the house. THat usually works for awhile.

Aislinn has her bridging ceremony tomorrow for Girl Scouts. That's where she leaves the Brownies behind and continues her journey as a Junior. Her leader, who will be her leader in the Juniors asked me if Aislinn even liked Girl Scouts. That was a puzzling question, since I thought it was obvious that she did. Tani said that Aislinn often seemed upset to be there, or not into it. I told her that she is, but she likes crafts and outdoorsy stuff and when it falls into singing or manners or anything she deems too girly eh you're not going to get the most positive of responses. We're thinking that when she moves up it will be more fun for her. First of all, there are THREE girls in her Brownie group. The two other girls are younger than Aislinn, and one of those two girls really pisses Aislinn off. The co-leader sucks as she's all about her daughter and not the other two girls. Her daughter is the kind of kid who always has something "special" planned for each meeting. The kind of kid who cries when she doesn't get her way. You know the kind.

Having Tony home has been nice. We're adjusting but I'll save that for another time.

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