Friday, November 30, 2007

Tiiiiiimmmmme is on my side....

Yes it is.

Holy Hell, it is officially eight am, and my kid is gone, the other is asleep, and it's QUIET and I have nothing to do. Well, except vacuum and clear up some mess in my bedroom, but I mean FUN things to do. Not boring ole HOUSE stuff.

Aislinn and I were at the bus stop PROMPTLY at 7:30 because that is what we were TOLD TO DO. Fifteen minutes later, FIFTEEN EFFING MINUTES later the bus showed up. I was not pleased. Luckily, Tony came home real quick so, I was able to wait with her. The other kids obviously knew that the bus driver is a BIG FAT LIAR, I mean late, and came out about 7:40. So now we know. My plan was to just stand at the end of the driveway to watch her, but that would have been fifteen minutes of standing at the end of the driveway... watching her stand alone.

The boy that lives a few houses down that is in her class came out. What a CUTIE!! He was so talkative, he talked Aislinn under the table. Aislinn is getting so grown up. The boy, Sasha came out and she said "I thought the bus had left!" and they immedaitely started chatting about that, while I stood there, awkward, trying not to butt in, but feeling oddly... excluded. Then the little girl, Bethany a few housed down came out with her mom. I met the mom and talked to her for a bit. She was very nice. Said she was glad that another girl close to her daughters age moved in, said they hoped they would hang out, stuff like that.

I know Jonny is going to FREAK when he wakes up and everyone but boring mom is gone. The kids are used to waking up and Tony being home. They can't wrap their minds behind the fact that becuase daddy leaves early, he gets home early.

Speaking of Tony coming home early, wow that is going to take some adjustment. This is the first time I've been a SAHM where Tony has been home for a big portion of our waking day. It'sgoing to take some getting used to. But, I will say this... the house has been a lot cleaner becuase of it. I can spend time with the kids, but have him play fun daddy while I get stuff done. Yesterday I was able to mop the floor without a little three yr old running in and out yelling "Watch this cool stuff" tracking more dirt on the floor.

Speaking of "Watch this cool stuff" Jonny is such a freaking card. Everything is "Awesome dude!" Or "Totally awesome dude" Yesterday, after dropping Aislinn off at school, we were walking through the halls to leave. All of a sudden, in the middle of a crowded hallway, he decides to do a power slide. You know, like how rock stars do on their knees? He moved maybe a half an inch, but it was a power slide none the less. He was like "Watch me mommy, this is totally awesome" and he power slid his little half inch. Then jumps up and says "Whoa dude, that was awesome!" He makes us laugh so hard.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

First day of school for Aislinn!!

I was nervous of all things about the damn bus. I wasn't sure where they picked up and dropped off. I got Aislinn up early (which wasn't very fun for her) and got her ready. I watched for the bus, and then we caught up to it, and saw where they picked up and dropped off. I talked to the bus driver just to inform her that Aislinn was new, and had never ridden a bus before. Look me being all pro active parent. I drove her to school, walked her to her classroom, and then dropped a check off at the lunch room for her account.

Then it was pretty much waiting around until she got home. I was too nervous to do much. I did get some laundry done and some boxes unpacked, but I worried if she was doing ok.

All my worrying was for naught though. School lets out at 2:30 and I was outside waiting for the bus I think at 2:35. Jonny and I hung out outside waiting. We saw the bus and started walking down toward it. Usually when I picked her up from school, I get a big hug, but today she was too busy making friends to worry about all THAT. Two kids on her bus live a few doors down, and one is in her class. She was just chatting away.

I am so proud of her.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things are slowly getting settled down here. My kitchen is pretty much done, except for one small box that I am just too lazy to put away. Just stuff like spices and crap. But, one amazing thing is there are no dishes in my sink. It's so freaking awesome to have a dishwasher! Oh My God. I can't even begin to explain how awesome this is. Every place I have lived before this did not have one, so I am very, very thankful to have one now. To have the dishes done, and the sink clean before the kids go to bed is just amazing. I just turn it on, and voila! Done!

We got Aislinn registered for school today, and she starts tomorrow. I'm nervous. She is taking the bus home (I wanted to drop her off there tomorrow) and I am still unsure as to WHERE the bus drops off. I'll just run up and down the street hoping to see her bus I guess. There is a park a few hundred yards away, and I think that is where it is. We can see it from our driveway.

We had our first cooked dinner, at the table tonight. Aislinn's new responsibility is to set and clear the table. She was oddly excited about this. We'll see how long this lasts. Having dinner together for a change is going to be fun! Tony can actually eat his food hot.

I still need to get Aislinn's bookbag together for tomorrow and her clothes together. It's going to suck not having Tony here to help me with the morning rush, but it's a good pay off to have him home early every afternoon. He got to actually SIT down and play video games today, something he hasn't been able to do in months. He also took the kids to the park. This is going to be VERY nice.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happiness is.....


The end.

Ok, well not the end, for reals.

We have been here since Wednesday, and we finally got cable today. The kids, they have been quiet. Eerily so. The only time I notice them is when I go upstairs. Or down. Because, apparantly I have not cut that cord yet. When I got up, they go up, if I go down, they go down. If I manage to sneak up or down without one of them, I get to hear "Moooommmmmm!!!! Where are you? Moooomm? The cord, it's stretched too far, and I am being deprived of sweet sweet nourishments. I neeeeeddddd YOOOOOUUUUU!" I am already beginning to hate this two story thing. The funny thing is, we had an upstairs and downstairs in the old place, and this was never an issue. Well kind of an issue, but they just depended on each other.

Funny thing is that Aislinn is watching Hannah Montana. We had avoided the HM obsession up until this VERY moment. All I can say is that I detest the Disney kids mugging and over acting.
My first official blog post from Va, unfortunately, I can't post it until we get internets here. So, I'm doing it in my Notepad.

So, we've been here for (quick pause for finger counting) four days. We already feel at home and comfortable. Well, as comfortable as one can be without beds, washing machine, and all the other creature comforts of life. Thankfully though, that will be rectified tomorrow. We got lucky with a very early delivery date for our stuff. With the holiday, Monday was the earliest they could do, and I'm not complaining. Don't ask my back though, it's bitching up a storm from sleeping on that air mattress. Tomorrow, we also have the phone and cable being installed... YES! Oh and of course, my sweet, sweet internets.

The drive out here wasn't bad at all. That duel screen DVD player was the BEST thing we could have bought. I bought the kids a ten disc Pokemon set, and that lasted eight hours. So, they watched that for eight straight hours the first day. I'm surprised they're not little zombies by now. They were little ANGELS in the van for EIGHT hours the first day. What I liked most about the DVD player is that it gave them something to DO while they were in the car, and they didn't sleep. Jonny slept some, but not much. When we got to the hotel the first night, they went right to sleep. When we got to the hotel, Jonny thought that our room was our home. He is such an agreeable little cuss. He just took it in stride that our new "home" was a tiny room without a kitchen.

The second day was a little bit more hairy with the kids, but not too bad. I expected much, much worse. Just a few crying jags from Jonny when he would drop his blanket, and a lot of the times he'd do it on purpose, causing us to pull over and get it for him. Tony was being a jerk, and rushing us to get on the road constantly. I mean, it was all fine for him, as he was alone in his car, but man I couldn't take it the screaming for the "wankie" much more. (Jonny sometimes reverts to baby talk to be cute, and calls it his wankie).

We get to the realtor office, where Tony and I ended up in a huge argument in the parking lot. Basically, we were all tired, and he being a man, depends on his penis to find where he is going. He had NO directions to the realtors office. It was rush hour, and he ended up really lost, where as I was able to pretty much find my way up to a point. It was ugly.

We of course, get lost to the house as well. Tensions are running high. We pull up to our street, and it's townhome upon townhome right on top of each other. It reminded me somewhat of a ghetto, the way everyone was just on top of each other. People were swarming the street, kids running around. I was like "OMG this is going to suck". Luckily though, we're on the less crowded end of the street. We pull up to the house, and the front is cute. Really cute. But, we walked in, and I HATED it. It's small. It has no windows. I just.. well hated it. Aislinn went through the house pointing out all the shit she hated as well, which didn't help my mood. I felt like crying. I had held it together pretty well, just a few weeping episodes when saying good-bye to people. But, this was the icing on the shit cake you know? I didn't cry though, Tony had tried really hard, and he was trying to be so positive. After getting our stuff in, we went to eat, and I said "You know I hate this house" and he said "I know, but it was the best I could do".

When we went to eat, we realized where we were. We live very close to where our old daycare provider used to live, and after we realized that, we knew where to go for everything. We had come a back way, and it was dark out, so we were confused, plus they had added a lot of new things. It was cool to see the Chick Fil A I used to stop in every morning, and the Starbucks I would stop at as well (no wonder I am fat!). It was a lot of fun. We went to eat at the Golden Corral we used to go to all the time, and went to Kmart to buy a few things we needed for the house.

The next morning the house wasn't as bad. I was in a better mood. We got dressed and went to Tony's friends house for Thanksgiving. Oh my God, there were seventeen people there. Ten of them kids. We had a really good time. When we lived here before, I used to be very insecure around this couple. The only thing I can say about that is that we were all young, in our mid twenties, and opinionated. They again, are "stuff" people, and Tony and I, well we are not. The first thing the wife asked was what I planned on doing (as far as work) when we got settled. I just told her straight out "I was meant to stay with my kids, that is how I am happiest. It takes a lot of sacrifice on our part, but it's well worth it for us" and she said "Yeah, I've always wanted to stay home with my kids too" But, I said it, sitting there in her huge house, I felt not shame, but pride. In the end, you have to do what's best for YOU you know? If I'm happy being a SAHM, then so be it. I know this is how I was supposed to live you know? I have the rest of my life to get "stuff" my kids will only be little once. When the next couple showed up, again, I was asked what I was planning on doing, and said it again. We may not have new cars, or big homes, but man, we're happy. I'll take that any day. After that was established, we had a really good time. I sat and talked to one lady who I kind of knew before. She was in the Navy and used to be in Tony's school. She then married another guy from the school, and THAT guy was on Tony's ship. She is SUPER nice. We talked forever, and I now feel I have some friends you know? Her sister was there, and she was super nice too. I feel better about that aspect now.

I'll stop here, there is so much more to talk about though. The stressful parts. Like money. Tony forgot to mention we had to give the realtor company 315 dollars when we got there. Ugh.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Why yes, yes I am still alive.

Wow, the time is just FLYING by right now. I really wasn't looking forward to staying here with our friends, but I am now glad that we did. We are having a good time, and they have made us feel so welcome.

Just one more week, that's it. Can't believe it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm living in the land of the boxes, but oh my GOD we have so much shit to dump. They are coming today to get all our stuff. Trying to entertain two kids without tv or computer, is in a word, aggravating. All their toys are packed except for a few we left out, and they spend most of their free time wrestling. A LOT of wrestling, and yelling, and wrestling, and drawing on the boxes with markers, and wrestling.

It's very stressful right now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I realized something today.....

I SUCK at making fires!!

I decided to try and make a fire to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Ok, no enviromental bashing ok? I had an ASSTON of credit card offers that were just sitting there, and no shredder, because SOMEONE took it to work like three years ago, and LEFT it at his old office, and damn that Tony is an ass, I mean SOMEONE is an ass.

How hard could it be right? Man, it took me longer to get the damn fire going than it did getting rid of my stuff. Now I'm kinda stuck out here, since the fire IS going, and I don't want to just leave it.

Really, I know it's me kind of pussyfooting around the WORK that needs to be done around here. Hello, it's noon, and I've half assed cleaned out my pantry. I am SUCH a slacker, but I know in the end, it will all get done. Why? Becuase Tony will do it becuase I am such a lazy ass.

So emotional right now....

Everything is just coming to a head. We've got movers coming tomorrow, and the reality of it all has hit me like a ton of bricks. Just now reading about a friends dads death made me want to cry, which I normally don't do. I think maybe a lot of it has to do with the fact that they are from here, and her father was buried in Jefferson Barracks where Tony's grandpa is.

I've gone through the gamut of emotions this weekend. I've gone from excited, to anxious, to sad, to pissed. The pissed is the only one that has made me cry though. That was yesterday morning, and I looked a wreck by the time everyone got here, everyone kept saying how "stressed out" I looked. No, just a little heartbroken and a whole lot of angry.

I've got so much stuff to do today, but a part of me just wants to live in my house for one more day. After Wednesday it will be a shell of nothingness, the only memory of my family will be the stains on teh carpet and the walls. We have to move into someone elses home for ten days which I am not looking forward to, and it's just too much.

The last five years have gone by in a blink. I will miss everyone. It sucks, but life goes on.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Today we had an early Thanksgiving celebration here at the house. Tony's dad and his wife brought all the food, and everyone came over and we had a good time. Then my inlaws "kidnapped" Aislinn while they were here, and took her to pick out a new bike. They bought her new training wheels, but they didn't fit the new bike. We told her she was going to have to learn how to ride without them. She was very upset, as she is a very cautious child. I explained to her that the way I learned. I was NINE when I learned finally, and I had my dad take my training wheels off, and I went out on the grass in our yard, and just kept trying until I got it. She was very hesitant try. The new bike is of course bigger, and this kind of freaked her out, being higher up off the ground, but her old bike was just too small.

I said "Hey, why don't you try learning on the OLD bike first, that way you'll feel more comfortable" She said ok, and took it out to the yard, and kept at it. An hour later, she was zipping ALL over the place. I was SO proud of her!! She was so proud of herself too!!

It's little moments like that, that make having kids so wonderful.

Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day for me, and I just hope I can just buckle down and get it all done. I have to get all our laundry done, all our clothes packed up, and all the stuff we plan to take with us set aside. I need to clean under all the couches, and clean out a few areas. Tuesday they come to pack, adn then Wednesday they will take it all out. Wednesday evening, we will "move in" with our friends until we leave on the 20th. I'm a little torn on when to officially pull Aislinn out of school. Our friends live about 30 miles from here, and trying to get her there during morning rush hour traffic is going to be tough.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November first. It's officially the month of our move. I look around here and go "Holy shit, I got stuff to do" They are coming on TUESDAY to get our stuff. TUESDAY!! Did I mention that Tuesday is the SEVENTH and we don't leave here until like the TWENTIETH?!? Which means we either have to sleep here with the bare minimum of stuff or stay with friends. I'm opting to stay here. Closer to Aislinn's school. She's already going to miss SO much school, I don'twant to pull her out anymore than I have to you know? Just get some air mattresses, and keep a few essential items around, and I think we should be just fine. We had already planned on taking a few bare essentuals with us as it is, because we probably won't get our stuff until like the following week after we get there... if we're lucky that is. We're keeping our laptops, tv, coffee maker, blankets, a few pots and pans, and some utensils and plates and as much clothing as we can fit into whatever.

It's getting down to the nitty gritty. We are having a family get together on Sunday for an early Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn't look like my family will make it, which makes me sad. They said they will try, and I appreciate it and hope that they can. I know I will see them before we move, but it's going to be our only chance at a "Thanksgiving" before we move. We have to leave before Thanksgiving to get there in time to sign the lease and all that.

Stress is literally falling out of my ass at any given moment. LOL

What are you going to do right? The kids seem ok. Aislinn has come to terms with the move, and Jonny, well Jonny thinks we're going to Virginias house. LOL There is a girl the kids know by that name, and he seems to think we're going to go live with her and her family. Silly, silly kid.

Our plan is to get one of those DVD players that hang off the back of the headrests, and a bunch of fun shit for them to do. Trying to hide the fact that they will spend a total of 14 hours in a car, which is going to be tough. Another reason we want to leave early. If we have make a bajillion stops, we wont be rushed. It'sgoing to suck too becuae Tony and I will not be together. He will be driving the car, and me the van with the kids.

So much to do!!