Friday, November 30, 2007

Tiiiiiimmmmme is on my side....

Yes it is.

Holy Hell, it is officially eight am, and my kid is gone, the other is asleep, and it's QUIET and I have nothing to do. Well, except vacuum and clear up some mess in my bedroom, but I mean FUN things to do. Not boring ole HOUSE stuff.

Aislinn and I were at the bus stop PROMPTLY at 7:30 because that is what we were TOLD TO DO. Fifteen minutes later, FIFTEEN EFFING MINUTES later the bus showed up. I was not pleased. Luckily, Tony came home real quick so, I was able to wait with her. The other kids obviously knew that the bus driver is a BIG FAT LIAR, I mean late, and came out about 7:40. So now we know. My plan was to just stand at the end of the driveway to watch her, but that would have been fifteen minutes of standing at the end of the driveway... watching her stand alone.

The boy that lives a few houses down that is in her class came out. What a CUTIE!! He was so talkative, he talked Aislinn under the table. Aislinn is getting so grown up. The boy, Sasha came out and she said "I thought the bus had left!" and they immedaitely started chatting about that, while I stood there, awkward, trying not to butt in, but feeling oddly... excluded. Then the little girl, Bethany a few housed down came out with her mom. I met the mom and talked to her for a bit. She was very nice. Said she was glad that another girl close to her daughters age moved in, said they hoped they would hang out, stuff like that.

I know Jonny is going to FREAK when he wakes up and everyone but boring mom is gone. The kids are used to waking up and Tony being home. They can't wrap their minds behind the fact that becuase daddy leaves early, he gets home early.

Speaking of Tony coming home early, wow that is going to take some adjustment. This is the first time I've been a SAHM where Tony has been home for a big portion of our waking day. It'sgoing to take some getting used to. But, I will say this... the house has been a lot cleaner becuase of it. I can spend time with the kids, but have him play fun daddy while I get stuff done. Yesterday I was able to mop the floor without a little three yr old running in and out yelling "Watch this cool stuff" tracking more dirt on the floor.

Speaking of "Watch this cool stuff" Jonny is such a freaking card. Everything is "Awesome dude!" Or "Totally awesome dude" Yesterday, after dropping Aislinn off at school, we were walking through the halls to leave. All of a sudden, in the middle of a crowded hallway, he decides to do a power slide. You know, like how rock stars do on their knees? He moved maybe a half an inch, but it was a power slide none the less. He was like "Watch me mommy, this is totally awesome" and he power slid his little half inch. Then jumps up and says "Whoa dude, that was awesome!" He makes us laugh so hard.

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