Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things are slowly getting settled down here. My kitchen is pretty much done, except for one small box that I am just too lazy to put away. Just stuff like spices and crap. But, one amazing thing is there are no dishes in my sink. It's so freaking awesome to have a dishwasher! Oh My God. I can't even begin to explain how awesome this is. Every place I have lived before this did not have one, so I am very, very thankful to have one now. To have the dishes done, and the sink clean before the kids go to bed is just amazing. I just turn it on, and voila! Done!

We got Aislinn registered for school today, and she starts tomorrow. I'm nervous. She is taking the bus home (I wanted to drop her off there tomorrow) and I am still unsure as to WHERE the bus drops off. I'll just run up and down the street hoping to see her bus I guess. There is a park a few hundred yards away, and I think that is where it is. We can see it from our driveway.

We had our first cooked dinner, at the table tonight. Aislinn's new responsibility is to set and clear the table. She was oddly excited about this. We'll see how long this lasts. Having dinner together for a change is going to be fun! Tony can actually eat his food hot.

I still need to get Aislinn's bookbag together for tomorrow and her clothes together. It's going to suck not having Tony here to help me with the morning rush, but it's a good pay off to have him home early every afternoon. He got to actually SIT down and play video games today, something he hasn't been able to do in months. He also took the kids to the park. This is going to be VERY nice.

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