Sunday, November 4, 2007

Today we had an early Thanksgiving celebration here at the house. Tony's dad and his wife brought all the food, and everyone came over and we had a good time. Then my inlaws "kidnapped" Aislinn while they were here, and took her to pick out a new bike. They bought her new training wheels, but they didn't fit the new bike. We told her she was going to have to learn how to ride without them. She was very upset, as she is a very cautious child. I explained to her that the way I learned. I was NINE when I learned finally, and I had my dad take my training wheels off, and I went out on the grass in our yard, and just kept trying until I got it. She was very hesitant try. The new bike is of course bigger, and this kind of freaked her out, being higher up off the ground, but her old bike was just too small.

I said "Hey, why don't you try learning on the OLD bike first, that way you'll feel more comfortable" She said ok, and took it out to the yard, and kept at it. An hour later, she was zipping ALL over the place. I was SO proud of her!! She was so proud of herself too!!

It's little moments like that, that make having kids so wonderful.

Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day for me, and I just hope I can just buckle down and get it all done. I have to get all our laundry done, all our clothes packed up, and all the stuff we plan to take with us set aside. I need to clean under all the couches, and clean out a few areas. Tuesday they come to pack, adn then Wednesday they will take it all out. Wednesday evening, we will "move in" with our friends until we leave on the 20th. I'm a little torn on when to officially pull Aislinn out of school. Our friends live about 30 miles from here, and trying to get her there during morning rush hour traffic is going to be tough.

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DisneyDina said...

Way to go Aisy on learning the bike riding thing! I wish Nicolas would do that, but I guess he won't still be riding the tricycle when he's 12 maybe. Good luck with the whole moving thing!