Thursday, November 1, 2007

November first. It's officially the month of our move. I look around here and go "Holy shit, I got stuff to do" They are coming on TUESDAY to get our stuff. TUESDAY!! Did I mention that Tuesday is the SEVENTH and we don't leave here until like the TWENTIETH?!? Which means we either have to sleep here with the bare minimum of stuff or stay with friends. I'm opting to stay here. Closer to Aislinn's school. She's already going to miss SO much school, I don'twant to pull her out anymore than I have to you know? Just get some air mattresses, and keep a few essential items around, and I think we should be just fine. We had already planned on taking a few bare essentuals with us as it is, because we probably won't get our stuff until like the following week after we get there... if we're lucky that is. We're keeping our laptops, tv, coffee maker, blankets, a few pots and pans, and some utensils and plates and as much clothing as we can fit into whatever.

It's getting down to the nitty gritty. We are having a family get together on Sunday for an early Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn't look like my family will make it, which makes me sad. They said they will try, and I appreciate it and hope that they can. I know I will see them before we move, but it's going to be our only chance at a "Thanksgiving" before we move. We have to leave before Thanksgiving to get there in time to sign the lease and all that.

Stress is literally falling out of my ass at any given moment. LOL

What are you going to do right? The kids seem ok. Aislinn has come to terms with the move, and Jonny, well Jonny thinks we're going to Virginias house. LOL There is a girl the kids know by that name, and he seems to think we're going to go live with her and her family. Silly, silly kid.

Our plan is to get one of those DVD players that hang off the back of the headrests, and a bunch of fun shit for them to do. Trying to hide the fact that they will spend a total of 14 hours in a car, which is going to be tough. Another reason we want to leave early. If we have make a bajillion stops, we wont be rushed. It'sgoing to suck too becuae Tony and I will not be together. He will be driving the car, and me the van with the kids.

So much to do!!

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ChristieNY said...

How exciting and scary at the same time - hang in there!