Sunday, October 28, 2007

It is so weird not to be glued to my laptop anymore. I spent so much time researching where to live, and now that it is done, I often find myself grabbing my laptop in a spare moment, and sitting here with NOTHING TO DO!

It's an awesome feeling.

Now, the countdown begins. I have twenty six days until we move, and I am excited. I will of course miss all my family and friends, but it is inevitable, and the only thing to do is to be postive about it all. I knew when I marred that man o' mine that moving, moving, moving was going to be a way of life.

Right now I get to concentrate on more fun things like what to get my kiddies for Christmas. Right now the Leapster bike is on the list for the J-man. Aislinn.. not so sure. Imean she spent twenty minutes at the store the other day trying to convince me to buy her the pink Sony Viao laptop she found. Yeah right sweetheart. Not while your daddy is typing on a crappy HP right now.

We got the BIG BOOK OF TOYS today, and they had a blast circling ALL the things they wanted. If only that was possible. But, it will give me some ideas.

Having kids is such a blast. Sometimes I get caught up in the whole adult world thing, I often forget that HEY YOU HAVE KIDS, and to stop and play.

Today we carved pumpkins, and to my utter amazement Aislinn did most of hers ALL BY HERSELF. I was so proud of her, and you know what? She did an amazing job! Although, she carved out what I thought was a ghost, and I said "I love the ghost you added" and she got embarrassed and said "That was supposed to be a fish" Ooops. But, she said "You know, that does look like a ghost though! Such a giving soul.

I don't think I mentioned this here, but recently Aislinn had an incident at school. She had severlely chapped lips and looked like a clown. A girl passed her in the hall, and said "Hey Ugly Girl" which of course hurt her feelings. She didn't cry though (which is what I would have done as a child) but shot her a dirty look. I really wanted to cry. It broke my heart. The next day I asked her if the girl said it again, and she said "You know what? I found out that, that girl is in KINDERGARTEN mom, and so I'm not upset anymore, because she's a little girl, and she doesn't know any better."


What a caring girl I have, and such a smart girl to know that someone that young doesn't have the compacity for empathy yet. That at that age, you blurt out whatever is on your mind, mean or not. I wanted to cry harder that day then the previous. She just blows my mind with her intellect and wisdom at times. Then again, this is a girl that also managed to get her slinky so wrapped up on the swing set, I had to take the swing DOWN to get it off. So, wisdom... well it comes and goes. But, isn't that true for us all?

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