Friday, October 19, 2007

This is all so confusing!!

I am sick of looking for housing. I am sick sick sick of it.

We did get news today that the wait for housing is not as long as we were previously told. For the housing we WANT its only 3-6 months. Which means we'donly have to stay in an apartment for a few months. If we want to stay in Norfolk, we could get in right away.


There. I said it.

Ugh ugh ugh I have no idea what to do. I wish I could go with Tony to see these places. I wish I could go and figure out what to do. It's hard to sit here and not KNOW. Everyone has opinions, everyone says do this, or that or the other thing. I read reviews, I check message boards, I hear all this SHIT and I just want to SEE FOR MYSELF damn it.

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ChristieNY said...

Ugh my heart hurts for you - can the kids stay with Mom so you can take a weekend trip to visit Stacey and check out the housing?

Everything will work out, it just sucks when it's out of our hands. Hang in there, focus on something you CAN control and try to relax as best you can.

Take your sister up on some babysitting and buy some scented soap and take a bubble bath, or go chill with some friends and blow off steam. You need some YOU time right now.