Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I had a surreal moment today if I may be so cliche as to use the word "surreal" which I'm pretty sure I'm using incorrectly, but what the hey, I ain't got no college lernin', and I dos the best I can. Ayup.

Anyway. Sorry.

Like I said, today I just had one of those moments. One of those MOMENTS. I just can't describe it any other way than to shout it at you like you're a deaf immigrant who doesn't understand the language. Because YELLING it always helps. It was just ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS.

I went to school to pick up Aislinn, and she wasn't in her usual place. She wasn't dizzily spinning around as if there weren't twenty other kids around her, lost in her own world of fantastical spinning. What always amazes me is that if you have a group of kids, and one is spinning like a crazy, the kids can naturally and with instinct, even without looking, know to move out of the way. Nor was she picking up every bit of trash on the sidewalk, and tyring to stuff it in her backpack before I see. I get out of the van, to walk to the part of the sidewalk she can see me from if she is inside. All of a sudden I hear.


I just kind of stand there.


I look around... recognizing my girls voice.


Then I see her from far away, she had decided to walk to the corner and I passed her right up.

As I watched her walking toward me, trying not to run (as they are not allowed to do so) but trying to get to the sanctity of the van, I realized...... I'm MOM! Me, I'm that delightful childs MOTHER. I just wanted to shout to everyone "Hey! Me?!? I'm MOM!" I'm THAT GIRLS MOM! ME! ME!

Aislinn and Jonny are teh best things I've done in my life. I couldn't get much luckier.

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