Monday, October 8, 2007

The magnitude of us moving hit me this weekend, and in the middle of a lot of pool playing (of which I did not partake because I suck terribly) wonderful fried foods, beers, and laughter, I felt the overwhelming urge to bawl, bawl like I had to wear socks and tennis shoes, and get my hair brushed.

Saturday, we had a birthday party for the son of some friends of ours. It was just your typical five year old party at INCREDIBLE PIZZA!! It was INCREDIBLE! with PIZZA, where the party was assigned a pizza nazi who gave you two minutes to wolf your food, and open prezzies and scarf cake, so they can usher the next herd in to keep the cash flow aflowin'.

We get there a few minutes late, and that was probably a mistake on our part. When I walked in, I saw people that meant a lot to me, people I may or may not see again before we leave, and people I will miss when we are gone, all seated together in a fun and festive atmosphere, even with the Pizza Nazi there with a fake smile on her face trying to snatch plates of pizza away, and push cake on everyone to hurry the whole process up. I realized in our years here in St. Louis (which really seems like a blink of an eye) that a lot of these people, parents of friends, extended relatives, had become like a family to us. Where every person doesn't get just a simple hello, they get a big hug, and a kiss from me and I get one in return. That I have no qualms kisssing these people, because even though none of blood is the same, they are in spirit and love, related to us.

With having the kids around and games to play, we all get seperated. But, near the end we all met up and decided to ditch our kids and have an adult party. We quickly called my SIL who agreed to take the kids overnight. We dropped them off, and met our friends at a sports bar and grill.

In the middle of it all, just experiencing life, I looked around at my friends, all laughing and having a good time, and wanted to cry. It didn't help when our friend Mike gave every scenario possible for us NOT to leave, which made it worse. A lot worse. Seeing him trying to convince me and Tony so hard to STAY, just STAY already, broke my heart.

Time is a ticking. With that also comes so much to do on our part, I just don't know how much more time we're going to be able to see them. There is truly NOT enough time.

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Bon Bon Mom said...

Awww, girlie. :( You make me sad with your post about having to leave friends. Even if the whole Pizza Nazi bit is completely accurate. ;)