Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tony is home!! He got in around seven-ish this morning. He was so exhausted, but we sat up and chatted for a bit. He had a good time. He was telling me all about his friend, and how it's so weird to see his friend as a DAD (last time he saw him, his son was a baby. His son is now five) . He had a really good time. He said the kids were awesome, and it felt comfortable being around the family. I'm getting really excited about going there. At least THIS time, we'll know people.

Tony got us a place to stay and although not our first choice, we went with it anyway. Our other choice was better, nicer area, bigger townhome. But, there was a pond behind the "yard" and I use the term yard loosely, as it was teeny. Enough room for our table and that's it. Plus the pond freaked us out. With the two adventurers I have on my hands, it would not go well. Also, we'd have to get a new stackable washer and dryer, and even used, they are EXPENSIVE!!

So, we went with the smaller townhome. The best part is that it's an end unit, so there is more yard. Not much mind you, it makes our current yard look like a field. But for a townhome, a decent sized one. We can put our swingset up and still have room for the kids to play. Plus, there is a laundry ROOM not just a laundry space. At first I thought I would have to go outside to get to the laundry room, but found out that isn't so. Thank God.

It does look smallish though. But, our plan is just to live there a year and move to base housing, or if we get enough saved, buy a house. We're hoping that the current trend of foreclosed homes (not that we're hoping for people to foreclose of course) will hit that area brining house pricing down. I doubt it since there is always a new flow of people coming in and out of there, but we'll see. At this point the only thing we COULD afford would be... well a townhome. I am ready to get into a place to call my own though. To paint if I feel like it, and hang a billion pictures up if I want to. Get some critters.

So, we now have a place to live!! I'm very excited about this, and very happy. I am glad Tony went and checked it out. We just can move in immediately, and it will be awesome. Plust after his school, Tony will have close to three weeks off before he goes to his new command. So we can get settled and everything.

Today I have a tattoo appointment. I can't wait! I'll post pics for sure!

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