Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tony arrived in Va safely. I talked to him quite a bit today, and he seems very excited. As much as I bitch, and bitch and bitch, there is no denying that it feels good to hear my man so happy. Relaxed, excited, full of nervous energy. He drove straight through the night, getting caught up in bad storms in Kentucky and West Virginia. He went to the base, got stickers for the car and the van (you need Dept. of Defense stickers on your vehicles just to get on base) and then drove straight to his new command. He met all his future co-workers.

He will get all our stuff done tomorrow. Not exactly sure what he plans on doing? But, hey whatever.

The kids have been pretty good since he's been gone. I have PMS, so I am a little short tempered, but they're being so good, that there is rarely yelling.

This morning I did have an incident with the moving company. They were scheduled to do a walk through on the 30th to see how many boxes we'd need. Well, I walk outside and someone pulls up and walks up to me. I mean I was literally putting the kids IN THE VAN to go to school. I assumed that it was just someone who wanted to inquire about the house being for rent, since our landlady put a sign up. She told me who she was and why she was here, and I told her that I was not at all prepared, and that I knew for a fact our appointment wasn't until next week. She was passively aggresive pushy, which irked me. Like being fakey nice, but really basically telling me I was inconveniencing HER. Which just blew my mind. SHE comes on the wrong day, while I'm trying to get my daughter to school on time, so she can eat breakfast there, and I'm making this hard for HER?!?

Basically she wouldn't shut the fuck up, and Aislinn didn't get to eat breakfast. Aislinn likes to eat breakfast at school, because she doesn't like to get up and have to eat right away. It works out for us all, as she is in better spirits when she leaves for school since we're not constantly nagging her to hurry up already, right when she wakes up.

I was so pissed at this lady. She KNEW, she KNEW and she came anyway. WHY? Because, she knew Tony was gone. I was home when he called her, and she wanted to make the app. for today, and he said no, he was going to be gone. So, she shows up anyway, becuase he wasn't going to be there.

I left her standing there, and went to drop A off. Then I went to my moms and made that lady wait, for like thirty minutes. LOL Totally passive aggresive on MY part, but you fight fire with fire. Then, when I got back, I told her straight out... I didn't appreciate this, it was truly inconvenient for me, my husband wanted to BE here, and I feel that she did this on purpose to suit HER scheduel and knew that Tony wouldn't be here. She left, but not before telling me that it was a 20 mile drive. Man I was pissed.

First of all, my house wasn't company worthy. Shame on me sure, but hey whatever. If you say you're going to be here on the 30th don't show up a week early. Plus, I have this thing about people in my house. I really really hate it. I usually schedule stuff when I know Tony will be home, because I hate having strangers in my home. I feel nauseous and anxious and just all around jittery.

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