Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The move is soon. About six weeks away. Tony has started to slowly get things fixed around here, and I've done some weeding of our junk and decluttering. One thing I have noticed is that I no longer give a shit about the house. Before we hit this six week mark, I would at least feel BAD that the house was a mess, even if I didn't do shit about it, but now, it's like eh I gotta give it a good cleaning when I leave here anyway, at least I can con my mom into helping me. I am the epitome of laziness.

I am all afluster and freaked out because of apartments. At any given time I have like three windows up, cross referencing between a site that gives reviews on apartments, the apartment site or rent.com, and greatschools.net to see where the best place would be to live. It's hard. They all start to bleed together after awhile and they all have wonderful calming names like "Vista at Orgasm Bay" and "Valley of the Milky Breasts" You have to weed through the apartment-ese to figure out the good from the bad.

The thing with Virginia Beach is that there are A LOT of apartments, since purchasing a home requires a blood oath and your first born child. Lots of new ones. None that are ever FUCKING CLEAR about exactly what they are by, and really it's pissing me off. Just once I want to see "Closests to Little Creek Amphib base" or "The apartment is sucky but GREAT schools" or " Really? Look elsewhere" I even emailed a place and recieved a very obvious form email back telling me I would LOVE it there, and please make an appointment for a tour of their pleasing apartments.

The plan is to make a list, and Tony will drive there, look at ALL of them, and then pick one and then come home. Oh and to get drunk with his friend Mitch. But, that has nothing to do with my new home. That's his plan, becuase he's a dude, and not only is he a dude, but a sailor and they love their drink.

I'm sad, but now I've moved onto the feeling of excitement too. I guess deep down, stifled beneath my crotchety ways and fear of change is a bit of an adventurer. My main concerns other than schools are 1. How am I going to watch Heroes and 2. INTERNET. Cuz the bitch loves her some internets. Amen then end.

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