Friday, December 19, 2008

an hour behind schedule...

That's the story of my life. Just waiting for the directions to print and get the kids loaded into the van. Got my big ole mug of coffee, shed a tear for my Keurig (I actually contemplated taking it with me and making coffee on the way with our plug in thingy) and kissed the kitty good-bye.

The kids are antsy. The dog hates his harness, and I'm ready to be around my loved ones.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that jazz. Pray for me. 937 miles, two kids, one puppy, and a stop in WV.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Whoa it's been awhile. Geez when was the last time I even wrote in here? I'm pretty sure it was pissy and moany whatever it was.

I'm feeling better. Physically, I'm tired. That's for a few reasons, mainly that lovely, special time that women get once every 28 days or so. I had been super head achey the last week too. It would come and go, and I didn't know what it was. I put it together today. I've been getting withdrawals from carbs/sugar when I tried to go back to low carb. Once that dawned on me, and realized my body was rebelling, that was exactly what I needed to get in gear. Knowing that just after a DAY of not having sugar/carbs my body is so miserable makes me upset. So, today is day one! And also the hardest day because it's day two of that lovely, special time. I actually had to lay down and sleep around 4:30 today for awhile because my body was so run down. It wanted sugar and was laying it on thick. I didn't give in, just went to sleep. The kids were awesome about it.

I got most my Christmas shopping done. I just need to run out and get two things for two people, and wait for a delivery of another one. I wrapped some of the gifts today for family. I need to get the kids gifts wrapped soon too. I need to clean up, and get the van's oil changed, and packed. I can't believe it's already Christmas! I hope that the rest of the six month goes as quickly as these last two weeks have.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm here

Ugh. Well, life has been interesting since Tony has left. I've been super crabby and kinda mopey. It doesn't help that I have PMS as well. I'm trying to get back on track with my diet too. That's kinda hard when you're sad. When I'm sad I have a tendency to lose my appetite. I usually then go so long without eating I make myself sick, then when I do eat, it's whatever is lying around like Cheez-its. So, then I walk around feeling like I'm going to blurf everywhere, and the thought of food makes it worse. Because I'm having low blood sugar, I snap and get pissy. I get a headache, I feel lethargic and pissy. I know I said pissy twice. All I have to say is... feel really sorry for my childred. One day I realized at dinner time while I was walking around wondering why I was barfy that the only thing I ate all day was 2 hard boiled eggs and coffee.

Coffee... ugh. I've been running on caffeine for about a week now. Got a new Keurig, and it's so easy to make a hot fresh cuppa, that I do it quite often.

The garbage disposal is busted, my laptop is on the fritz, I have on week to get all my Xmas presents wrapped, packed and put in the van. I have to get myself and the kids ready for an extended trip.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

One Week

One measly week and I'm already done. Right now I have my earphones on just so I can have QUIET. Funny isn't it? I have to put my headphones on so I don't have to hear fighting, whining and fucking Hannah Montana!

I decided to take the kids to see Madagascar 2. First of all, it was a big snit because one wanted to see Bolt, and one wanted to see M2. I went back and forth and decided I wanted to see M2 and so we did. At the last minute, Aislinn wanted to go to Cinema Cafe. I HATE this place. They cram about 100 people into a tiny theater, with these desk chairs. The food is horrible, the service is horrible, and you have to be really concious about not bumping your neighbor or being in the way of the person behind you etc. Plus the kids can't sit still in those fucking chairs. So, througout the whole movie my chair is being whacked by their chairs once going one way, once again on the way back. Back and forth on both sides. It's enough to make me scream. I finally told the kids we were NEVER going there again.

Ugh, I'm just grumpy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two days down

One day at a time right?

Yesterday, we changed our internet/phone providers. Thank GOD. We had Cox. I could go for the obvious joke right now about their name and them sucking themselves, but I won't. They were horrible. Our phone rang I would say a third of the time and it went on for a year. We made several calls and nothing was ever resolved. Near the end I found that if I made a call first thing in the morning, then that would sometimes, but not always, "reset" the phone and it would up the chance that the phone would ring the rest of the day.

What really makes me mad is that I thought it was maybe our phones, so I spent about a hundred dollars on new phones when we first moved here. Still, they wouldn't ring. If we were psychic and knew you were calling, then we could pick up and talk to you, but alas we're not mutants running with the X-men. We're just mere mortals. It actually gave me and Tony a complex as our phone would go a week without ringing before we realized it was a problem. We thought everyone hated us.

Nothing new or fabulous has happened. Oh wait I take that back! I got a new battery and cord for my laptop. It's now working again! It's been about a week. It's also nice to be free and not dependent on my power cord.

Soon it will be bed time, and we can cross yet another day off the calender. It just won't be the same until he comes back.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cross one day off the calender

What a day it was.

Actually, it all started to fall apart last night. We all had excess emotions being flung all over the place. Jonny, who usually starts asking when bedtime is around 3 pm, would not go to sleep last night. Finally, when I ended up getting down and dirty with him, he burst into tears about missing his daddy. Then it was tears from both of them for hours after bedtime.

The dog freaked not having Tony here. He spent most the evening into the wee mornings pacing back and forth, growling at any noise he heard, real or imagined. He had seperation anxiety for the first time last night in his crate. I had to go and get him, bring him upstairs where he then fought for most the night with the cat. They were bouncing off the bed, Leah was biting my feet, Louie jumped on my face. I think I finally got to bed around five am.

The sucky thing was Tony was stuck in DC. Just so close! He coulda stayed another night. Oh well.