Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm here

Ugh. Well, life has been interesting since Tony has left. I've been super crabby and kinda mopey. It doesn't help that I have PMS as well. I'm trying to get back on track with my diet too. That's kinda hard when you're sad. When I'm sad I have a tendency to lose my appetite. I usually then go so long without eating I make myself sick, then when I do eat, it's whatever is lying around like Cheez-its. So, then I walk around feeling like I'm going to blurf everywhere, and the thought of food makes it worse. Because I'm having low blood sugar, I snap and get pissy. I get a headache, I feel lethargic and pissy. I know I said pissy twice. All I have to say is... feel really sorry for my childred. One day I realized at dinner time while I was walking around wondering why I was barfy that the only thing I ate all day was 2 hard boiled eggs and coffee.

Coffee... ugh. I've been running on caffeine for about a week now. Got a new Keurig, and it's so easy to make a hot fresh cuppa, that I do it quite often.

The garbage disposal is busted, my laptop is on the fritz, I have on week to get all my Xmas presents wrapped, packed and put in the van. I have to get myself and the kids ready for an extended trip.


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