Monday, December 15, 2008

Whoa it's been awhile. Geez when was the last time I even wrote in here? I'm pretty sure it was pissy and moany whatever it was.

I'm feeling better. Physically, I'm tired. That's for a few reasons, mainly that lovely, special time that women get once every 28 days or so. I had been super head achey the last week too. It would come and go, and I didn't know what it was. I put it together today. I've been getting withdrawals from carbs/sugar when I tried to go back to low carb. Once that dawned on me, and realized my body was rebelling, that was exactly what I needed to get in gear. Knowing that just after a DAY of not having sugar/carbs my body is so miserable makes me upset. So, today is day one! And also the hardest day because it's day two of that lovely, special time. I actually had to lay down and sleep around 4:30 today for awhile because my body was so run down. It wanted sugar and was laying it on thick. I didn't give in, just went to sleep. The kids were awesome about it.

I got most my Christmas shopping done. I just need to run out and get two things for two people, and wait for a delivery of another one. I wrapped some of the gifts today for family. I need to get the kids gifts wrapped soon too. I need to clean up, and get the van's oil changed, and packed. I can't believe it's already Christmas! I hope that the rest of the six month goes as quickly as these last two weeks have.

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