Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two days down

One day at a time right?

Yesterday, we changed our internet/phone providers. Thank GOD. We had Cox. I could go for the obvious joke right now about their name and them sucking themselves, but I won't. They were horrible. Our phone rang I would say a third of the time and it went on for a year. We made several calls and nothing was ever resolved. Near the end I found that if I made a call first thing in the morning, then that would sometimes, but not always, "reset" the phone and it would up the chance that the phone would ring the rest of the day.

What really makes me mad is that I thought it was maybe our phones, so I spent about a hundred dollars on new phones when we first moved here. Still, they wouldn't ring. If we were psychic and knew you were calling, then we could pick up and talk to you, but alas we're not mutants running with the X-men. We're just mere mortals. It actually gave me and Tony a complex as our phone would go a week without ringing before we realized it was a problem. We thought everyone hated us.

Nothing new or fabulous has happened. Oh wait I take that back! I got a new battery and cord for my laptop. It's now working again! It's been about a week. It's also nice to be free and not dependent on my power cord.

Soon it will be bed time, and we can cross yet another day off the calender. It just won't be the same until he comes back.

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