Friday, February 29, 2008

This is why we own three Nintendo Dses

We all just got into a argument over who was going to play Wii. Tony and I both being bigger, we won of course. We had our turns so now, Aislinn is playing.

We have been without electricity all day. What is it with us and electricity, or should I say lack there of? Last night we kept smelling something burning. We couldn't figure out what it was. Tony actually took apart our huge television thinking maybe Jonathan did something to it. It wasnt that. I was crawling on my hands and knees trying to find the source of the electrical burning smell. Finally, we found out it was emitting from our electrical box. We were a nervous wreck about it. We called the emergency number, but they never called us back. I ended up sleeping downstairs in the living room in case something happened, and I could wake everyone up and get everyone out. We put fresh batteries in the smoke detector before we went to bed, but still. I would have been a mess upstairs. Plus, I like to sleep on the couch. Well this morning they made us turn our electricity off, and we are now without a stove becuase they didnnt have the part to turn the stove on. Basically they replaced the whole box. It was hot water or a stovce. We chose hot water, but it sucks not having a stove. It was pizza tonight, which was fine, but how many more days of crap can I have for dinner you know? Not to mention how expensive it will be especially after paying to get the van fixed.

The van is running a LOT better now. No new car for Mama. Oh well, that's fine. I crunched numbers all day yesterday, and we can afford a payment, we did before when Tony was making less and I wasn't working, but holy CRAP! Cars are expensive. With the two brats, we have to have something bigger. We can't get waway with a dinky s-10 pick up or a compact sedan, which is of course cheap. We need a minivan, or an SUV, which means high payments and tons of gas. So, as of right now, we're good.

Today we picked up the van, and paid our 1200 bucks. Just typing that number makes me want to barf.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cars on the brain

I've been looking at cars online, doing my research and that. We're thinking of getting a new used car. We had to once again put the van in the shop, and it's costing us over a thousand dollars to get it fixed again. This was after spending 1700 about six or eight months ago. Tony finally said that it's just time to start thinking about something new. I couldn't agree more. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having a car payment, I can't help but notice the van ain't getting any younger. It has over 175k miles on it, it won't start on rainy days or if there is a lot of moisture in the air, which sucks HERE becuase there is always moisture in the air.

The problem is I am cheap, I need to have something that gets good gas mileage, has SOME space for luggage when we travel, and is comfortable for us all. I don't want anything new, because honestly I don't drive around THAT much. Grocery store, Aislinn's extra curriculars, and when we go out as a family. It's not a big thing for me to leave the house maybe four times a week and that's usually going maybe ten miles tops. Usually its just down the street to the grocery store.

Right now, the main contender seems to a Subaru Forrester. It's a small SVU, which gets good gas mileage, better than most mini vans. I would like to get a 2003-2004 which isn't that old, and when I searched for best used cars to buy Subura Forrester came up. The only thing I don't know what will work is the back seat, kind of small.

But, you know this is all just talk. It may be months before we get anything. Right now we're going to see what this 1k will do for the van. If it fixes it, then we'll be good to go for awhile.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ew today I feel barfy. I woke up with a headache. It felt like the air from my apnea machine got into my sinuses and gave me a headache. Usually, the headache goes away about an hour after taking the mask off. This one isn't going away. It's not a migraine, but it still annoys me. It hasn't nothing to do with me feeling barfy. We had McDonalds for dinner and I'm pretty sure that's why I feel barfy.

I haven't been feeling really chatty becuase I have been very annoyed with my husband, and I didn't want everyone to be all "GAWD what a bitch. Her husband just came home and she's already bitching" I just really can't go on until I get it out, so I'll just let it fly. I'm not ANGRY so this post won't be full of explanation points and caps. I know how disappointing right? Now that I've built it up and overexplained it, I'm sure it's going to be pretty lame now.

It's just that he's spent a lot of his time alone in the bedroom, not wanting to be a part of the family. You know for the most part, it's fine because he's not really working, and he's probably bored, but it has become excessive in my opinion. TOday he slept until one, then laid on the couch until we had dinner then he went into the bedroom and laid there, reading MY brand new comic book, which he is unable to follow because HE didn't read the seven novels that were written previous to this one. I mean, I know watching Pokemon ALL day is boring, but that's what the kids wanted to do. Right when the new movie came on he went upstairs.

But, what really annoys me is that when I pointed it out to him tonight he said "I was with them ALL day yesterday" What? Excuse me? You were with them ALL DAY yesterday? ALL DAY!! You know what I said? I said "Well, congratulations you were with them ALL day yesterday" It was say that or smack the shit out of him... ALL DAY.

WTF? All day.

I just left the room. I just couldn't believe his excuse for being a shut in for almost two weeks was the fact that he spent ALL day with his children yesterday while I was gone for a few hours visiting with a friend.

He is an ass.

At first it was jet lag, so I didn't complain at all. It lasted about a week. We couldn't even have sex becuase he was asleep by eight every night. Then he was sick for a few days. Then, he got a new video game, then today he's sick again, and you know had the kids ALL DAY yesterday. Soo all week, he's laid around. He's gone to work twice last week, for two hours each day. He did pick up once this week while I grocery shopped. Oh and he was with the kids ALL DAY yesterday. Not just you know, half a day. ALL day. Did I mention ALL DAY was from noon until about 10 pm. It was only 10 pm becuase he called me to ask if I would pick up bread and stuff from the store on my way home.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's been a few days huh? Like um? 1o or so. So what have I been doing? Well I don't mean to brag or anything, but um, yeah I've turned into a bit of a rock star. Sandi.. Sandi is a big deal. I've been chosen to be the Guitar Hero, and it involves a lot of training, and finger exercisers, pausing only to pee and feed the kids on occasion. If you're wondering how Tony's home coming went, all I can say is, I guess ok, becuase a Guitar Hero can't be bothered by things like homecoming and love and emotions.

Seriously though, homecoming was ok. He was only gone like 25 days, and honestly by that time I was just becoming used to and ENJOYING his absence. That's the cycle of these things.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sorry, the kids! The freaking KIDS they've been driving me kind of bonkers today. Aislinn forgot to close the gate yesterday when she came home from playing, and it was windy overnight and this morning, and it tore the gate right off the freaking hinges. So, she was grounded playing with her friends (she was lucky I didn't beat her butt!) so she took it out on ME! Jonny was being a butt all day, he threw a shoe and hit Aislinn in the eye.

Tony and I got to talk today. We managed to figure out a way to talk without costing us anything. We talk through Yahoo. It's prett cool. WE call computer to computer, and it's just like as clear as a phone, and it's a lot of fun. We look at funny websites together. I got to hear Tony laughing at funny cat pictures today, and I loved every minute of it. Tony's laugh is so infectious, and well kind of goofy, but I love it.

After we got off the computer together, I got to thinking about the last time he was on a ship and how much our marriage and Tony especially has grown and matured. Before he left, he made sure to get the kids Bday cards, and today he told me today that he has Valentines for us all in the trunk of his car. Tony five years ago wouldn't have thought of that.

He comes home on Friday night, and I can't wait just to see him with the kids, and smell him,and have his weight on his side of the bed, and elbow him when he gets to close.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The other night at bath, I was cleaning Jonny's body. I had him squat a little so I could get into his butt,and give it a good scrub. With him going on the potty now, I was worried about not getting in there to clean well. I don't understand why TP won't get all the poop off his butt. Anyway, as I'm doing my cleaning, he suddenly stands up, and in all seriousness says "Hey, hey hey hey! You're going into poopyland"

Aislinn and I just looked at each other and we both just burst out laughing. We knew he was REALLY serious when he got mad about us laughing. But, Oh my God. It was just too damn funny. Poopyland! It was just a GUY response too, like he was thoroughly offended that I was cleaning his butt! This is a kid who up until a month ago, still had to lay down on the floor so I could clean his ass, but now that he uses the TOILET, that is forbidden.

Today I am very tired. I must not have slept well last night. Every night I can't wait for the kids to go to bed, so I can too, and I come downstairs thinking I'll watch a little tv and go to bed, and I stay up way too long.

Yesterday, it was SO HOT here in the house. Even with the window open (notice I said window, because downstairs there is ONE window) and the sliding glass door open. (or doorwall for any Michigonians out there) I mean I was sweating!! Come to find out that yesterday topped off at EIGHTY degrees!! Well no freaking WONDER! It blew the record high away by six degrees! Crazy huh? Now today it's like fifty. Crazy ass weather.

This jumbling of crap is brought to you today by the letter Zzzz as in I wish I could get some more ZZZZZ.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

*click click click*

The other day Jonny was playing with his new obsession, er toy. Just one of those toys that have a head on a stick, and when you pull the trigger the mouth chomps. It's really cute. He got it from the Marine Sciecne Museum, and he "fed" it leaves and cradled it on the way home like a baby. Fast forward a few days, and he kept clicking it in my face. "Look at him mama" *click click click* "He's going to bite your nose" *click click click* "He's REALLY hungry" *click click click*

I'm trying to tell him nicely to please not put that in my face. Seriously, Jonny I don't want that in my face. OKAY Jonathan that is quite enough! Thank you, yes he IS really really hungry, why don't you just take him over there and get him something to eat.

This goes along like this *click click click* me telling him thank you but get it out of my face. Finally, I got really fed up and said "OH MY GOD, GET THAT THING OUT OF MY FACE!!" and smacked the iguana toy out of my face, out of his hands, and um it broke.

Jonathan burst into tears and cradled his toy ever so lovingly and said "Why did you DO that?"

Because I am an evil evil person.

Or just a mom who heard on clicks too many and kind of lost it.

Luckily I could fix it, as I felt so bad, and it's fine now. But damn those clicks were annoying.