Thursday, February 7, 2008

The other night at bath, I was cleaning Jonny's body. I had him squat a little so I could get into his butt,and give it a good scrub. With him going on the potty now, I was worried about not getting in there to clean well. I don't understand why TP won't get all the poop off his butt. Anyway, as I'm doing my cleaning, he suddenly stands up, and in all seriousness says "Hey, hey hey hey! You're going into poopyland"

Aislinn and I just looked at each other and we both just burst out laughing. We knew he was REALLY serious when he got mad about us laughing. But, Oh my God. It was just too damn funny. Poopyland! It was just a GUY response too, like he was thoroughly offended that I was cleaning his butt! This is a kid who up until a month ago, still had to lay down on the floor so I could clean his ass, but now that he uses the TOILET, that is forbidden.

Today I am very tired. I must not have slept well last night. Every night I can't wait for the kids to go to bed, so I can too, and I come downstairs thinking I'll watch a little tv and go to bed, and I stay up way too long.

Yesterday, it was SO HOT here in the house. Even with the window open (notice I said window, because downstairs there is ONE window) and the sliding glass door open. (or doorwall for any Michigonians out there) I mean I was sweating!! Come to find out that yesterday topped off at EIGHTY degrees!! Well no freaking WONDER! It blew the record high away by six degrees! Crazy huh? Now today it's like fifty. Crazy ass weather.

This jumbling of crap is brought to you today by the letter Zzzz as in I wish I could get some more ZZZZZ.

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The Six of Us said...

Isn't it just easier to type doorwall? LOL