Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sorry, the kids! The freaking KIDS they've been driving me kind of bonkers today. Aislinn forgot to close the gate yesterday when she came home from playing, and it was windy overnight and this morning, and it tore the gate right off the freaking hinges. So, she was grounded playing with her friends (she was lucky I didn't beat her butt!) so she took it out on ME! Jonny was being a butt all day, he threw a shoe and hit Aislinn in the eye.

Tony and I got to talk today. We managed to figure out a way to talk without costing us anything. We talk through Yahoo. It's prett cool. WE call computer to computer, and it's just like as clear as a phone, and it's a lot of fun. We look at funny websites together. I got to hear Tony laughing at funny cat pictures today, and I loved every minute of it. Tony's laugh is so infectious, and well kind of goofy, but I love it.

After we got off the computer together, I got to thinking about the last time he was on a ship and how much our marriage and Tony especially has grown and matured. Before he left, he made sure to get the kids Bday cards, and today he told me today that he has Valentines for us all in the trunk of his car. Tony five years ago wouldn't have thought of that.

He comes home on Friday night, and I can't wait just to see him with the kids, and smell him,and have his weight on his side of the bed, and elbow him when he gets to close.

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Anonymous said...

"and elbow him when he gets to close."
VERY Sandi ;)