Friday, February 29, 2008

This is why we own three Nintendo Dses

We all just got into a argument over who was going to play Wii. Tony and I both being bigger, we won of course. We had our turns so now, Aislinn is playing.

We have been without electricity all day. What is it with us and electricity, or should I say lack there of? Last night we kept smelling something burning. We couldn't figure out what it was. Tony actually took apart our huge television thinking maybe Jonathan did something to it. It wasnt that. I was crawling on my hands and knees trying to find the source of the electrical burning smell. Finally, we found out it was emitting from our electrical box. We were a nervous wreck about it. We called the emergency number, but they never called us back. I ended up sleeping downstairs in the living room in case something happened, and I could wake everyone up and get everyone out. We put fresh batteries in the smoke detector before we went to bed, but still. I would have been a mess upstairs. Plus, I like to sleep on the couch. Well this morning they made us turn our electricity off, and we are now without a stove becuase they didnnt have the part to turn the stove on. Basically they replaced the whole box. It was hot water or a stovce. We chose hot water, but it sucks not having a stove. It was pizza tonight, which was fine, but how many more days of crap can I have for dinner you know? Not to mention how expensive it will be especially after paying to get the van fixed.

The van is running a LOT better now. No new car for Mama. Oh well, that's fine. I crunched numbers all day yesterday, and we can afford a payment, we did before when Tony was making less and I wasn't working, but holy CRAP! Cars are expensive. With the two brats, we have to have something bigger. We can't get waway with a dinky s-10 pick up or a compact sedan, which is of course cheap. We need a minivan, or an SUV, which means high payments and tons of gas. So, as of right now, we're good.

Today we picked up the van, and paid our 1200 bucks. Just typing that number makes me want to barf.

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