Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jonny had his first ER visit yesterday. I made the comment on my Jonny board about having a boy is setting yourself up for a heart attack. It's true. There is something about boys that makes things happen that wouldn't happen to a girl. I swear it. I've seen Aislinn and Jonny do the same exact things, and Jonny come away wounded and a thousand times dirtier. If you don't have a boy, I would imagine you would think it's hooey, but I swear to you, it's not. I once saw Jonny, fall and smack his head on the floor. Nothing serious. Just a small head bump on the floor. Imagine my surprise when I saw his skin had SPLIT OPEN and was gushing blood. He wasn't even crying I don't think. He had done worse, like the time he fell from a step and sported a goose egg for a few weeks. This was much more innocent than that, I didn't even get up from my chair, when it happened. I didn't get that extreme mommy surge. But, it caused a huge split that he now has a scar from.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that of course the one time Jonny bangs into the wall, the clock on that wall would come crashing down on him, hitting him JUST right to cause a gash that needs three staples. Luckily, Tony was home, and I was not. He said I would have freaked out! He said it was gushing like a faucet! EW! Tony being a boy once (and at times, he still is a boy) calmly applied pressure. He was so calm, he even made sure he got an old towel, not a good one. Unfortunately, he grabbed an old towel yes, but my favorite bath towel. I won't complain as it was used to sop up my sons life force. One can not be bitter about it.

He took Jonny to the ER. Aislinn had a sleep over with teh girl down the street, so I met up with them once we got her settled over at Bethany's. We sat there for about an hour, but Tony and Jonny had been there for two at that point. Even though he had a gaping wound on the back of his head, that did not stop Jonny from entertaining the ER with his silly antics. He was making everyone laugh. Tony said he'd pretty much been doing that since he got there. I swear it, Jonny is going to be an actor or something. Everyone was just taken by him, the nurses were just loving him.

They didn't numb his head or anything to put the staples in. The Dr. said that the pain of the shots kind of makes them pointless. Just better to hurry up, get the stitches in, and be done. So they did. It took less than a minute, and boy did the CRY. He cried for about 20 minutes, and then stopped. He was even able to go to Target and pick out a few toys. Then we told him he could have a "sleep over" Mommy and Daddy in our bed. Which sucked, becuase usually he is a snuggler, but last night he was a sprawler. Tony said he had to get out of bed this morning, becuase he kept getting hit in the balls by Jonny's cold and sharp toes.

So, drama over. Today I just need to relax and get the laundry done. Tony said that his friends wife was going to call to see if we wanted to go to the movies, me and the kids, and honestly, I don't. I hate saying no, as I feel like I'm passing on a social thing when I don't get many chances, but I REALLY don't want to go. And really how social is a movie with four kids? No thanks! Now, if she wants to ditch the kids, and go have lunch and a drink, I'm all about that!

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kspt1999 said...

Yikes, that sounds like ALOT of fun (said in my most sarcastic voice). Poor numbing stuff. He's one tough kid!