Monday, March 24, 2008

I've been dreaming of a True Love's kiss....


We watched Enchanted last night, and it was wonderful. I have a feeling it speaks to the inner princess in every modern woman that watches this. This movie is for the little girls in us that dreamed of finding her prince charming, but then grew up realizing that was a crock of crap, and that would never happen, and those princesses need to wake up and smell the coffee.

I see it with a lot of women I know, or in various blogs I read, where women today find the Disney Princesses... distasteful. They're all "Oh come on, take your own destiny in your hands, ain't no man coming to save your ass, and you shouldn't be depending on them to do so." If we knew a girl like Snow White in real life, we'd roll our eyes and mock her, and send her books like "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Squelching the Inner Princess Within".

Yet, at one point in our lives, we did want all that in some shape or form. Maybe it was when we were little, or when we were still dreamy eyed tweens, hoping that when our prince did come, he wouldn't be too shy to maybe touch at our growing boobies, while "Tender-Roni" played softly in the background. I bet even the most hard core, man hating, Doc Marten wearing feminist at one point fantasized about her true love's kiss.

Even in our jaded culture, people still want to believe in love, and yet we know that love can't be all wine and roses, and wild passionate displays of love. Real life men aren't going to brandish and sword, and save the day, they can't even remember to take out the trash. As women of today, we know this, and that is not what we're looking for. But, that hopeless romantic in us still needs to be shown. I think all men should be emailed a copy of the song "How Does She Know" and use it as a guide to making us women happy. The things Giselle sings about are so simple, but would make any woman happy, and let us know that yes you DO love us.

That's why this movie is so perfect. It is the perfect remedy for the modern woman. The Princess smartens up, smells the coffee so to speak, while still holding onto her ideal of a good replationship and true love. She listens to both her heart AND her head at the same time which is what we as women try to do.

Not only that, but the movie is just pure entertaining, with music and it's very funny. You'll laugh at Giselle when she enters time square and is the doe eyed princess lost in a cruel world. Amy Adams is amazing acting like a true Disney Princess in all their dopey glory, with the lilting voice, the hands placed just so every time she speaks. One of the best scenes is when she calls all the animals to clean an apartment, and of course in NYC she gets rats, flies, pigeons (one with only one foot) and of course roaches, and being the wide eyed Disney optimist that she is, she takes a look at her new assembled animal friends and with some reservation says "Well, um it is always NICE to make new friends"

Plus, Amy Adams sings all the songs herself, which is pretty cool.

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Bon Bon Mom said...

"Tender-Roni"...oh the memories! LOL I think I'm a Disney Princess at heart. I so would have done well back in the June Cleaver world where I was expected to just be the Mom and support my Husband as the head of the household. Of course, now that there are a million and one activities for the kids to be involved in I couldn't quite cut it when I was a SAHM. But I think back in the black and white tv days I would have thrived. Either that or been a closet alcoholic wondering why I wasn't as good as all the other Mom's. ;)