Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tony is finally at work, and it's been a great week. I don't know why, but when he's here, I become very lazy. I don't know if it's just having someone else here, and thinking they will pitch in, or it's a matter of him being lazy therefore I'm going to be lazy, or if we just settle in to perpetual weekend mode. Whatever it was, was really wearing my nerves down, and I was really near being emotionally drained and having to retire to my bedroom and just sleep. It sounds dramatic, but I just can't express how much better I feel this week compared to last. I've actually left the house, bought a new brightly colored purse, and top, signed up for my transcriptioning courses even.

Yesterday, I checked out a preschool for Jonathan, and I really like it. He didn't see anything other than my jean covered ass the whole time, as he wouldn't move from behind me almost th whole time. If I had a skirt on, he would have been clutching it for sure. It's at a lutheran church, so Jonny will be getting some "Jesus Time" which at times is ok with me, and at other times makes me cringe a bit. But, overall I'm ok with it, as long as he doesn't come home and tell me I'm going to hell for not following the way of our Lord Jesus Christ, According to the Church Amen. I know it's not JESUS I don't want him to learn about, we actually talk about Jesus a lot, it's just the whole church thing that makes me a little barfy. But, that's my deal not his. Aislinn, will be jealous I'm sure. She is very interested in religion and when I told her that I was agnostic and what that meant, she was very offended. Did I mention the ONLY time this child has been in a church was when my sister married? Yeah. I swear, she just likes to be opposite of me. If I was a holy roller, she'd be slaughtering goats in her room. She's JUST THAT WAY!

Oddly enough though, I did get a little emotional when we got to the church. First of all, churches are just beautiful, and this one was no exception. It was more modern that I was used to, being a Catholic and all, but the ceiling was amazing. It was domed and made of wood left in it's natural color, and just breathtaking. It was tiny though. I couldn't imagine sitting so close to someone I really didn't know during church.

The Lutheran faith is close to the Catholic faith, and both Lutheran and Catholics are in small number here in this area. The lady giving the tour was very impressed I was from St. Louis. She said that was the Lutherans "holy land" because of the sheer abundance of churches for them.

The classes seem pretty awesome. They do preschool, pre-k and kindergarten. I checked out the kindergarten spelling tests, and realized that most those kids wrote better than Aislinn. It's the small class. The kindergarten class had maybe eight kids in it. This preschool is going to cost us though, a whopping 270 dollars a month, for five days 3 1/2 hours a day. I was expecting a M-W-F thing, but not so. It's also right down teh street from Aisy's school, so I can drop Jonny off, and come right home and be home in two minutes. Or I don't know I could go to the gym.. or back to bed. Whatever.

I also can't stop looking at cars. Sigh. I really want a new car, but with the whole preschool thing, and car thing I have come to realize one thing... I am amazingly scroogy. Especially when I have money (which now that Tony has been here awhile, we're better off financially) I don't want to part with it. Yet, when I don't I don't have a problem with it. Which is weird. Tony wanted to buy a new compound bow, and I was incredibly pissy about it. I just couldn't see spending $400 on something that he was seriously going to use like once a year. I guess I won't care if he actually shot a deer, but I am not holding my breath on that one. I guess it worked out though, since I saved $400 on my transcriptioning courses for being his wife. (Military spouses get a 20% discount)

Aislinn is well too. She is livign her life happily in her gauchos and tshirts. She loves girl scouts and even managed to sell 21 boxes of cookies, although we did buy SIX of them ourselves. She had her first lock in last weekend, and had a lot of fun. I mean it had to be a ton of fun becuase when I got there, she was missing her shoe. I wish I could have shoe losing kind of fun. She did miss her first field trip with them, becuase of damn phone not rining. In April they are having a daddy daughter thing, and the dads have to dress up like pirates. I can't wait!

So, I'm hoping I will have more time for this thing now that life seems to be settling in.

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