Saturday, March 8, 2008

I've had a good couple of days. I think Tony realized that I was at my breaking point with everyone. I guess when I walk around clutching my head, and panting I. HATE. YOU. ALL over and over again, is a good sign to get everyone the fuck out. I don't know why everyone had been getting on my nerves, but the found my last one and all of them were just jumping on it.

It was one of those times where everything can fucking make or break you, and the coin had fallen on we're breaking you hoor. The stove still wasn't fixed, I had scraped the paint off the car with the bumper of the van, and to make matters worse, like I didn't feel like shit already, all the neighbors decided to congregate, point and laugh. Like the bully kid from the Simpson, all of them cackling "Ha Ha" as I tried really hard not to flip them all the bird, and burst into tears.

Jonny had the staples that needed to be removed and Aislinn was sent home for possible chicken pox, and I couldn't get either of them an appointment, which has been the only sucky thing about moving back here. If you're sick, oh well. The miltary DOES NOT CARE. I repeat... THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. The phone once again stopped ringing, and we only found out when we missed the call about Aislinn and her maybe chicken pox (or as Jonny calls them chicken pops).

All of it was just AAAAAAHHHHH.

So, Tony took the staple headed kid, and the chicken pop girl, to the walk in clinic that the military has, and again they DONT GIVE A SHIT, so they sent Tony away without seeing the kids. Nice huh? But, a nurse give Aislinn a passing glance and said they were just mosquito bites, which is what we thought that's why we sent her to school. She had been playing at the creek over the weekend, and by creek I mean a very little stream of what is probably poo water, not to far from the house.

Instead of bringing them home though, he took them out. I know! He took them out ALL DAY and I got to sit at home in my pajamas and watch all the girly, adult shows I had recorded. It was so fun. I drank my coffee, folded clothes and watched tv. It was so nice not having to pause it to yell "JESUS BE QUIET" because that damn Jesus, always going on and on about turning the otehr cheek. How am I supposed to watch Celebrity Rehab with all that going on? Or having some dirty footed kid run through my neat piles of clothes. Or even worse having to wipe some kids ass while I'm cooking myself something to eat.

They had a lot of fun. Aislinn caught seven fish, and JOnny caught one. I told Tony "Aww I wish I had gone" but that was a big fat lie. I'm GLAD I didn't go, and when my kiddos came home, I couldn't get enough of them, and we had a good time, watching a movie, and wrestling on the floor.

Today has been nice too. I am no longer panting that I hate everyone and everything.

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