Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ew today I feel barfy. I woke up with a headache. It felt like the air from my apnea machine got into my sinuses and gave me a headache. Usually, the headache goes away about an hour after taking the mask off. This one isn't going away. It's not a migraine, but it still annoys me. It hasn't nothing to do with me feeling barfy. We had McDonalds for dinner and I'm pretty sure that's why I feel barfy.

I haven't been feeling really chatty becuase I have been very annoyed with my husband, and I didn't want everyone to be all "GAWD what a bitch. Her husband just came home and she's already bitching" I just really can't go on until I get it out, so I'll just let it fly. I'm not ANGRY so this post won't be full of explanation points and caps. I know how disappointing right? Now that I've built it up and overexplained it, I'm sure it's going to be pretty lame now.

It's just that he's spent a lot of his time alone in the bedroom, not wanting to be a part of the family. You know for the most part, it's fine because he's not really working, and he's probably bored, but it has become excessive in my opinion. TOday he slept until one, then laid on the couch until we had dinner then he went into the bedroom and laid there, reading MY brand new comic book, which he is unable to follow because HE didn't read the seven novels that were written previous to this one. I mean, I know watching Pokemon ALL day is boring, but that's what the kids wanted to do. Right when the new movie came on he went upstairs.

But, what really annoys me is that when I pointed it out to him tonight he said "I was with them ALL day yesterday" What? Excuse me? You were with them ALL DAY yesterday? ALL DAY!! You know what I said? I said "Well, congratulations you were with them ALL day yesterday" It was say that or smack the shit out of him... ALL DAY.

WTF? All day.

I just left the room. I just couldn't believe his excuse for being a shut in for almost two weeks was the fact that he spent ALL day with his children yesterday while I was gone for a few hours visiting with a friend.

He is an ass.

At first it was jet lag, so I didn't complain at all. It lasted about a week. We couldn't even have sex becuase he was asleep by eight every night. Then he was sick for a few days. Then, he got a new video game, then today he's sick again, and you know had the kids ALL DAY yesterday. Soo all week, he's laid around. He's gone to work twice last week, for two hours each day. He did pick up once this week while I grocery shopped. Oh and he was with the kids ALL DAY yesterday. Not just you know, half a day. ALL day. Did I mention ALL DAY was from noon until about 10 pm. It was only 10 pm becuase he called me to ask if I would pick up bread and stuff from the store on my way home.


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