Tuesday, February 5, 2008

*click click click*

The other day Jonny was playing with his new obsession, er toy. Just one of those toys that have a head on a stick, and when you pull the trigger the mouth chomps. It's really cute. He got it from the Marine Sciecne Museum, and he "fed" it leaves and cradled it on the way home like a baby. Fast forward a few days, and he kept clicking it in my face. "Look at him mama" *click click click* "He's going to bite your nose" *click click click* "He's REALLY hungry" *click click click*

I'm trying to tell him nicely to please not put that in my face. Seriously, Jonny I don't want that in my face. OKAY Jonathan that is quite enough! Thank you, yes he IS really really hungry, why don't you just take him over there and get him something to eat.

This goes along like this *click click click* me telling him thank you but get it out of my face. Finally, I got really fed up and said "OH MY GOD, GET THAT THING OUT OF MY FACE!!" and smacked the iguana toy out of my face, out of his hands, and um it broke.

Jonathan burst into tears and cradled his toy ever so lovingly and said "Why did you DO that?"

Because I am an evil evil person.

Or just a mom who heard on clicks too many and kind of lost it.

Luckily I could fix it, as I felt so bad, and it's fine now. But damn those clicks were annoying.

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Anonymous said...

Sandi!! :) Bryan had a shark head one from this summer.. he would do EXACTLY the same thing - it drove me NUTS. I hadn't seen it in a long while but just this weekend I was cleaning in his room and pulled it out from under his dresser... I looked at it, then realized that nobody knew it was there... then shoved it back under the dresser.

Mommy's little secret ;)

Glad I'm not the only one!

- Anne