Thursday, January 31, 2008

This deployment has been pretty cool. The phone calls have been pretty regular. That is one thing about being on a small crew I guess, everyone gets to know everyone and it's more relaxed, so Tony can use the SAT phone on a regular basis. He called this morning, but we were still in bed, and missed the call. He called again this afternoon, and we were gone. The message he left then sounded like he was going to cry. He said on the message that he wasn't going to try again today, but he did, so we got to talk. There isn't much to talk about though. He can't give me too much information, and I don't do anything but sit here.

A few days ago he called and gave me some very interesting information. There is a small possibility that he could be coming home on sooner than expected. Much sooner, like in 15 days soon. TWO WEEKS soon. See, his orders say he is part of Crew XXX, who he is with now. Before he left he was told by the Commodore that even though he was part of Crew XXX, he would have to go to Crew YYY who are just starting their six month deployment, after Crew XXX left for home.

But, the CO and chief of crew XXX don't want him to stay, they want him to come back with THEM. So they're working on it.

He tells me all the time not to get my hopes up, but everytime I talk to him, he gives me another reason to get excited. I'm staying cautiously optimistic at this point.


Shell said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's TWO WEEKS soon, Sandi!

Anonymous said...

wow how cool would it be if he were home that early! I'm keeping my fingers crossed too (even though it means I'm copying shell)