Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Surprise, surprise, I can't sleep

It's now two am, and even though I need to get up in about five hours, I can't sleep. I've been watching tv, and the same thought is just running through my head "FIVE months, FIVE" that's a lot of months. That's twenty weeks. Not twenty five weeks like Tony so smugly told me last night, because you know, and I quote "five times five is twenty five" said in that annoying "It's ok if you're dumb, at least you know how to cook" voice.

I have heartburn right now too. Probably from all the grease and shit I ate for dinner. I had a hamburger and fries, and for an app we got cheese fries, which were good. Also, I think I'm hungry too which isn't helping the heart burn. Also, being upset, and weepy adds to it as well.


Seriously. It's just stretching out before me in a big black hole of soul sucking monontony. What the hell. What am I going to do? No adults to talk to, no one to argue with, no one to spoon, no one to make stop spooning me, no one to poke me in the ass in the middle of the night, no one to leave all their stuff laying around, no one to get me stuff just because I'm lazy, no one to floof me, no one to watch laugh at funny cat videos, no one to have sex with, no one to listen to my excuses about not having sex. It's funny, just yesterday I couldn't help thinking "Seriously, can't he just go?" becuase I was tired of being in this whole limbo situation. He wasn't working much, and he was always there. Just this evening he was aggravating me with the whole not getting cash thing (read entry below this) and now, now I'd give anything to have to deal with that all over,and it's only been, five and half hours!

I'm a mess people. A complete mess.

Expect many many entries from me.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, babe. Hang in there.