Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It is done

So dramatic right? It is done. Like I just put a hit out on Dr. Phil or something.

What I mean is, Tony has left. I just got a text from him saying they were boarding. God, I can't believe he won't be with us for so long.

We got off in the typical Tony fashion. We of course got lost getting to the base airport, and once we got there, he realized he didn't have any cash, so we had to go off base to get him some money. Dork. But, it was just so right.

The kids didn't cry. I don't think they really grasp the whole thing. I cried like a baby. Every time he walked away, I would cry harder, and he'd have to come back to me. Finally, I just had to let go and close the door and drive away.

When we got home, we did homework (thankfully it's a light week!) and we're all now tucked away into our beds.

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