Saturday, January 26, 2008

Going well so far

It hasn't been bad at all. Twice so far I've had kids in bed with me. One night, just Jonny, but last night it was both, and I didn't get much sleep. I told them one at a time from now on. Aislinn seems to think I need to have someone in bed with me every night. No thanks. I like being in bed by myself sometimes. I had like a sliver of bed, which was not enough room for me and my hose. I have to keep my cpap hose under the covers with me so that it stays warm and doesn't make condensation that then splutters on my face, and makes a horrible noise that makes me have to get up, wipe out the mask, detatch it from the hose and shake the water out of the hose. At four in the morning. Never fun.

Tony called us yesterday morning. It was nice of him, but kind of awkward since he'd only been gone like two days, and there really wasn't much to talk about. He was lonely though. Right now he is actually on the boat he is assigned to, and they allowed him to send an email to let me know. This boat is so small that they can't really access email or the internet for personal use. He says everyone seems very nice. I am happy for him.

He told me that the villa he is in has a pool. I was thinking GREEEAT he's going to be drinking it up and partying when they are not out in the boat. But, come to find out, they have booze rationing!! He has to get a card and is only allowed so much booze a month. Teehee!

Both kids are doing great. Aislinn has been a little pissy because it's been too cold to play outside. She had her first art class, and really, really liked it. What I like about it is they won't let the kids bring any of the stuff home with them, they make a little portfolio for them. That's so cute! She did paint a special picture for Tony, of the ocean with the sun on the horizon, and it's so simple, but I absolutely love it. I even asked her if we could frame it, and put it up in our dining room that has other sea pictures in it. But, she wants to send it to her dad, which I can understand.

Jonny is doing great with potty training. No accidents! He is doing so well! I can't believe he's four already.

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