Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day Dos, if your name is Dora or perhaps Diego

We got our first email this morning. Tony seems very bummed in the email. He must have told me he loved me about fifty times. It was like "After I write this, I think I'm going to take a nap. I love you. Then, I'll get up, and take a poop. I love you. Hopefully I can meet up with blah blah blah I love you" I tease, but it was really very sweet, and I can just hear the sadness in his email. He said he doesn't remember the deployment being this difficult. I think it's difficult because it's SO different from his previous ones. In his other deployments, he left with a ship crawling with people, he was there with his friends, and he could immediatetly throw himself into his work right away, and I'm sure there was an air of excitement on the ship. This time though, he flew for a long time alone, when he gets there, his crew is out and he won't meet up with them for a few days. It's got to be hard. :( I know that me and the kids are definitely the lucky ones in this scenario.

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