Sunday, January 27, 2008

You know how you read a newspaper story and it freaks you the fuck out?

I just read an article about the Navy sending sailors to supplement the war in Iraq, and they call the deployments IA's, Individual Augmentation. I knew this was happening, has been happening for awhile, Tony even talked about it doing it.

What freaks me out is that it says that 1 in 5 sailors without an IA under their belts make Chief. 1 in 3 who have an IA make chief. Why does this have me worried? Tony just took his Chiefs exam. Although he has a lot of positives going for him, that doesn't mean he'll make it.

All I'm saying is, I can see one of these in our future. Sigh. They are on average 9 months, sometimes 12 or 13. I just know Tony will do whatever it takes to make chief. It's an annoying quality of his.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my DH did an IA last year. He spent 6 months in Djibouti, Africa. Well get through this deployment first before you worry about the next one. Hug to you!!


Sandi said...

Christie... did he go there for the pirates off the horn of Africa?