Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have been BORED the last few days. I haven't felt BORED in a long time. I'm sick of doing all the things I usually do to entertain msyelf. I also can't say anything since I usually tell Aislinn that an intelligient person is NEVER bored, because they can always find something to do. My own words come back to haunt me.

I have an ear ache today. It started right as I was going to bed last night, and I just thought it a fluke, but I woke up to it today. I don't know if I want to go to the Dr. today or wait it out. Oh yeah, today I finally got a Dr. I mean it only took a hundred phone calls, and over a month trying to figure it out. Sheesh.

Wow, my boredom is spilling over int my blog. Run. Run. Run from the boredom. See that's how bored I am, I can't even throw an exclamation point in there.

Jonny is obviously an itellegient person, as he is entertaining himself quite nicely. He's stuffing his backpack with more and more things, and letting the weight of it pull him down. Wait? Intellegient? Well, yeah sure, just a man.

Last night I was filled with panic, as I realized that my son is going to be FOUR in 18 days and he still doesn't poop in the damn potty. Hell he doesn't poop period. I keep telling myself the same thing over and over, He won't graduate with diapers on blah blah blah, but yet I can't help but think that maybe MY child WILL graduate with diapers on, and maybe his wife will have to wipe his poopy ass on their honeymoon. I imagine him, some CEO of some company, having to excuse himself during a share holders meeting to go stand in a corner and cross his legs, sweaty, grimace on his face, to keep himself from pooping.

I've been trying mineral oil to get things a moving. Things aren't a moving. I found the Dr. Green article that pointed me in that direction, and found that more than the normal dose is usually needed. What the hell? I am having a hard time finding enough things to hide the mineral oil in. Maybe I'll just have to make him a chocolate and mineral oil smoothie? Sigh. Maybe I could concoct some type of mineral oil/metamucil smoothie. Come to think of it, I don't think mineral oil in itself is a laxative, just really a stool softener?

Sorry this conversation went downhill fast.


Anonymous said...

Did you try giving J that pumpkin cake recipe posted on CH a while back to help things along? Maybe it's worth a shot...

Sandi said...

You know I thought about that last night and I forgot about it today. I will have to try those, I know they worked on me!

Jeney said...

Hey I have not been a common face in these parts but I just had to provide some positive news on the poop front. You know all the problems we have had, I won't recount them for the less than knowing viewers. Anyway the great news is that finally at 7 years old he figured it out! I'm not yet confident we won't go backward so I knock on wood as I type this.

The final step was taking the pediatricians advice I had been resistant to and using enemas every third day he would not go on his own. He disliked the enema and complained, begged and tried to negotiate but I calmly reminded him that the solution was in his hands not mine. We prevented him from having messy accidents and gave him a reason to go on his own in about 30 minutes twice a week. Two months of noting when he went and consistantly following the plan and his problem began to dissappear. He goes on his own now, at school, at home and even in a resturant once in a while when nature calls. He doesn't go every single day but he says he goes when his body tells him and that's all I can ask.

I think if I had not invested so much energy into trying to make him go and taken the ped's advice the problem would have gone away sooner. Start teaching him to clean himself up so you are not called to school when he makes a mess and J will figure it out when he is ready. If you need input you know where to find me.

Sandi said...

Oh Jeney! I'd hope you'd chime in!

My ped just said "His stomach isn't distended.. he's fine he'll go eventually" and that was a year ago.

I didn't know Spencer still had issues! That's great that you finally got it worked out, I know how hard it was for you guys and how frustrating. It's not so bad for us now, as he's home with me all the time, but I would like to put him in preschool or something you know?

I will try the enema something I have been resistant to myself, as it seems so... extreme.

Thanks for the advice!