Friday, January 11, 2008

Brief break from my on going slumber

Holy crap, I've been sleeping A LOT. Right now I could go to BACK to bed. Yes I said BACK. I found a book I could have sworn I read before. While reading it today some of it was familiar, kind of like when you get a hint of a flavor and it's just RIGHT there on indentifying it, but it slips away, and it's like that for every bite, and every bite is focused on "Is that cinnamon?", and next thing you know, you've eaten the whole thing, not really even enjoying it because you're trying to decide if it's cinnamon. I can see either me putting the book down, and not finishing or being so aggravated with the writing of the book, that I just very quickly forgotten it. The writing is SO pretentious and very New Yorker. I flip to the back, and there you have it, the guy is a regular for the aforementioned magazine. You can tell. It's just full of rambling with big words.

Anyway, that whole thing was to just say I got bored and fell asleep. And slept for hours. Got up at 8:35 ate a PB and J.

That is my boring life.

Edited to add... Oh my God, I can't believe I forgot about this!! Jonny pooped in the potty twice today!! Yesterday I just got so aggravated with him pooping in a pull up. It was a particularly nasty one, and I was just like "That's it, no more" So all day I left him naked. Then later putting undies on him. He did well, everytime he felt like he had to go he sat on the toilet, but wouldn't go. Then this morning, Aislinn woke us up and said Jonny pooped on the potty! We went to the bathroom and there was a little bit. While I was cleaning him up, he looked up at me and said "I am so proud of myself, Mommy" and then blushed bright red then smacked himself which he does when he is embarrassed. I almost cried. Then a few minutes later he went again, and HO my God, it was the biggest poop I've ever seen from him in the last year. All that poop he's been holding in, he let out. His stomach was FLAT when he left the bathroom. He said "Mommy it just BLASTED OFF"

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