Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cars on the brain

I've been looking at cars online, doing my research and that. We're thinking of getting a new used car. We had to once again put the van in the shop, and it's costing us over a thousand dollars to get it fixed again. This was after spending 1700 about six or eight months ago. Tony finally said that it's just time to start thinking about something new. I couldn't agree more. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having a car payment, I can't help but notice the van ain't getting any younger. It has over 175k miles on it, it won't start on rainy days or if there is a lot of moisture in the air, which sucks HERE becuase there is always moisture in the air.

The problem is I am cheap, I need to have something that gets good gas mileage, has SOME space for luggage when we travel, and is comfortable for us all. I don't want anything new, because honestly I don't drive around THAT much. Grocery store, Aislinn's extra curriculars, and when we go out as a family. It's not a big thing for me to leave the house maybe four times a week and that's usually going maybe ten miles tops. Usually its just down the street to the grocery store.

Right now, the main contender seems to a Subaru Forrester. It's a small SVU, which gets good gas mileage, better than most mini vans. I would like to get a 2003-2004 which isn't that old, and when I searched for best used cars to buy Subura Forrester came up. The only thing I don't know what will work is the back seat, kind of small.

But, you know this is all just talk. It may be months before we get anything. Right now we're going to see what this 1k will do for the van. If it fixes it, then we'll be good to go for awhile.

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