Monday, December 1, 2008

Cross one day off the calender

What a day it was.

Actually, it all started to fall apart last night. We all had excess emotions being flung all over the place. Jonny, who usually starts asking when bedtime is around 3 pm, would not go to sleep last night. Finally, when I ended up getting down and dirty with him, he burst into tears about missing his daddy. Then it was tears from both of them for hours after bedtime.

The dog freaked not having Tony here. He spent most the evening into the wee mornings pacing back and forth, growling at any noise he heard, real or imagined. He had seperation anxiety for the first time last night in his crate. I had to go and get him, bring him upstairs where he then fought for most the night with the cat. They were bouncing off the bed, Leah was biting my feet, Louie jumped on my face. I think I finally got to bed around five am.

The sucky thing was Tony was stuck in DC. Just so close! He coulda stayed another night. Oh well.

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