Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's around this time I really start to hate the NAvy in a big way. Well, not so much the Navy as my darling husbands infatuation with it. I just want to tell him he's a big boy, and on Top Gun, and Crimson Tide, they don't show you the things like... not paying you when you need to be paid, and all that.

Tony was screwed out of a eight thousand dollar bonus. One of the many annoying things about working for a "company" with like a million employees. People just stop fucking caring at a certain point. He was supposed to re-enlist in November, but they informed him that he wouldn't be getting a bonus. Um ok. So, they asked if he minded reenlisting in September. Sure, what the hey. Why not. And this is where the problem starts.

Tony WAS due for a bonus, but is not eligible because he re enlisted about a month before he shoudl have. Just trying to help his command out. They said after October it was going to really tough to get everyone together and get his reenlistmen done. Tony, being the nice guy he is, said Sure no problem. Essentially dicking himself out of 8 thousand dollars. Sometimes, nice guys? They do finish last.

They are trying to work it out, but he says the chances of him getting the money are slim. At least we werent expecting it, or counting on it. WOuld it have come in handy for our move? Hell yah it would have. But, what are you going to do right? Keep on trucking for the most part.

I'm just stressed. I of course told him that I dont know why he continues to stay loyal to these people who have dicke dhim out of more money than you can even possibly imagine. Why? He wanted to get off the phone then. Maybe even HE doesn't knwo why.

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