Saturday, October 20, 2007

We had to go to the nearest base to get new id's. Mine expired... oh I don't know two years ago, and we just never got around to getting me a new one, since I never used here. In VA I was whipping that thing out at least once a day, to get on base, to go shopping at the Exchange and the commisary, when I took the kids to the dr whatever. I rarely needed my drivers liscence for anything. Even when I wrote a check at Wal-Mart or bought beer, that's what I used, since it was always front and center and accesible and people in VA were just used to seeing them. I tried that here in St. Louis when I first moved here, just becuase that's what I was used to. After getting sick of watching people scratch their heads, and flip the thing around a billion times to find the info, or like once, someone telling me it wasnt a real id, I just tucked it away, and never looked at it again.

It was kind of nice being on a base again. The last time I was on this particular base, was when Jonny was three months old, and Tony was getting the old snippety snip. There is something comforting about being on a base when you're in the military, as they all pretty much look the same. It'slike no matter where you go "home" is always there, and I think they make them look alike for that reason. Or the cheap material. One of the two.

We decided to hit the BX while there. Which is the deparment store-esque shop that every base has. In the Navy, it's the Exchange, Air Force (the base we were on) is the BX. It looked JUST like the ones I've been in previously, just smaller.

Sometimes, when life gets you down, you're just stressed to the max, you just need some therapy to keep you from curling up in a ball in the corner, and sucking your thumb while rocking, trying to recreate the womb. That's how I feel this whole freaking weak. Like any little thing would send me into the fetal position at a moments notice. This has all been unbearable and by far the most stressful move to date. I blame the kids. With their needing a good education and safe place to live. It was me and Tony? We'd find the cheapest shack in VA, and be happy. We'd even poop in a hole on the ground if it meant it would save us some money. Anyway, we decided to spend our worries away.

We bought Tony a new laptop. This is his combo birthday and Xmas present. Well, first he was going to take mine, and I was going to get the new one, but I thought of all my pictures, and shit, plus his left click button on this new one sucks, so I said Happy Birthday. We were at first, going to get me a laptop to support my Sims games, but I decided against that a while back, since we'd have to spend up to almost 1500 to get what would work. So, we decided on a cheaper notebook (which is more powerful than mine, go figure). We really needed two, as he likes to be able to do his homework on mine, and well, Im just a WEE bit selfish. Plus it will be good for him when he deploys and stuff.

Then, Tony said "Hey let's buy a new computer monitor for the desktop."

It may seem like splurging to some, but our old monitor was jacked up. It was OLD and huge, and not very bright. Aislinn scratched it up really bad, so whenever we used it, it was hard to see one spot. It looks like she took a rock and buffed the screen with it. We found some off brand ones, and meant to get 19 inch one, but Tony "accidently" grabbed the 22 inch. He "noticed" the mistake after it was rung up. I thought the 19 was pusing it.

He set it up, and OH MY FREAKING GOD, the thing is amazing. He had me play Sims on it to see what it would look like, and it'slike I'm playing a new game! I think the old monitor just didn't have enough guff to support our graphics card. First of all being 22 inches, it's awesome. But, I'm also able to up the graphics on the game and still have fluid movment, something I was never able to have before. I just assumed it was the computer, not the monitor. Don't get me wrong, the game before was great, and I thought that would be as good as it was going to get. Not so. I found out today that the omelets in the game... they have red peppers in them. Woohoo!

So, I feel better today. Probably not so much when I get the credit card bill, but whatever.

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The Six of Us said...

Cool! Is it a widescreen? Eric brought me home a widescreen and the minute I started up Sims I knew I wasn't goign to like it. All of my people were squished! I immediately made him put back the old monitor (which isn't that old really). I'm glad you're liking yours. :)