Monday, October 1, 2007

A bit of a kid update since I really don't talk about them much, or so I've been told. LOL

Aislinn is doing really well in school. She got the best progress report she's ever gotten last week. Her behavior is really good, and she's finally gotten into the whole school experience. She doesn't whine about not like school, or not wanting to go. We are still having clothing, and shoe issues, but I just don't think she'll ever get over those until she gets older. I decided to let her try picking her own outfits, and that was a bust. She went to school one day (after much arguing and fussing about her pants feeling weird) with a purple, black and gray scooter, and a red and white Cardinal shirt. She looked like a ragamuffin. After that, I told her that I know that she is looking more for comfort than looks, but she has to at LEAST try to make them match or cooridnate. I know that sometimes I let her wear stuff that might not necessarily "match" but they go together. I explained to her when she goes to school looking like that, it looks like her mommy and daddy don't care about her. When she dresses like that I just want to pin a note to her that says in big bold letters "I am dressed like this because I wouldn't listen to my mom" Just so everyone knows it's not me, it's her!!

She and I are getting along amazingly though. I want to get this book to help us mend our relationship. I know that may sound weird to some people, that we need to mend a relationship that should be naturally loving and tender, but if or until you have a child like Aisy, you just can't even begin to imagine the world we sometimes live in. Some people just don't get how awful it can be sometimes. You find yourself trying to avoid your OWN child. You think "Phew, she's doing XYZ for now" and just wanting her to just keep DOING it and not come talk to you, because you know that just by talking, one of you can be set off. We had some issues with the Nintendo DS. She broke one, and misplaced another. She is constantly losing the games. Yet we were still letting her play with them. Why? Because she was QUIET and not causing chaos and turmoil in the house. Sometimes you just need a breather.

I see her though, and she is growing up into this amazing person with her own ideas, and it's awesome. I can sit and bemoan the fact that she won't wear the clothes I like, and she doesn't want to do things that are at all "girly" but, I've come to realize that hey, that's kind of cool. I'm not girly either, so I don't know why I wanted her to be so. In the end, she is her own person, even if she is seven. She has likes and dislikes, and she wants to do things that make her her own person. How I can I fight that? Why should I want to CHANGE that? I need to remember these are MY issues not hers.

Jonathan is still my little cuddle bug. My cuddle bug that refuses to poop in the damn potty, but my cuddlebug none the less. He is just so.... BOY. He cracks me up with his antics. I can't stay mad at that little shit, becuase he knows that you get more flies with honey than vinegar, and uses his three yr old cuteness to his full advantage. Just give mommy a smile, tell her she's pretty, and give her a kiss, all is ok. He is such a blessing after having Aislinn, so easy going. If I tell him he can't have something in the store, he might whine for about 2 seconds, then he forgets about it. Very much like his father that one is. Aislinn is very much like ME, so there you go.

He has started telling us he's awesome. Everything is "awesome" to him. "Did you see me do that mom? Wasn't that awesome?" "Did you see that trash truck mommy? Man, it was SO awesome!" "Whoa I just shot a booger out of my nose!! It was awesome" (actual conversation). He also told us the other day he was a genius. We don't know why he thinks that, but he does. At least he doesn't have self esteem issues. He loves to perform for me all the time, he loves to make people laugh. He can't pass a mirror without stopping and doing a little acting to watch himself. Yes, he will be one of those silly boys flexing in the mirror.

Both of them sleep in the same bed. They've decided it's better that way. I just let them. It's just too cute. Even the other night, Aislinn had a friend over, and told her friend she feels better sleeping with Jonny, and went to sleep in there with him. I wouldn't have wasted my money on bunk beds that's for sure.

Tony is doing well. I'll throw him in here as he's my third child. He's excited about moving. He is doing well at work, even though he is counting down the days.

That's my update.

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kspt1999 said...

It's great to hear a kid update. T and E are the same way, T loves to have E in bed with her at night. She sleeps so much better. I just go with it instead of hearing the voices of my SIL telling me how awful of a mom I am to let that sort of thing happen (yeah whatever, mind your own damn business LMM).