Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For Kate.....

I took a pic of myself today to show some friends my new glasses. I decided to post this for Kate, who made a comment that I seemed very girly in her opinion, when I wrote this .

So, I decided to show people what I look like probably 90% of the time, when I'm at home, with just general errands to run. I really don't care about my looks, and am often time THAT mom at pick up. No make up, hair thrown back in a bun, mismatched clothes, and if you're lucky I might be wearing a bra that day, but usually.... I'm not. I'm all about comfort. I can see how easily one can get caught up in the whole not caring about how they look aspect, but I've always kind of been that way, even when I worked. I might get up and do my hair and make up, but usually not.

This is how I feel comfortable. A ratty tshirt, some sweat shorts or pants, and some type of easily slip on shoe. When I get home from somewhere where I do have to dress up, the first thing I do is change my clothes. TAke off the jeans, throw the hair up in a bun, and take my contacts out.

So, this is me.



Anonymous said...

If only I looked as good when I'm being 'that mom'.

Shannon said...

Oh gee...until I saw your pic at the bottom of that post I thought you were describing ME.....I say that ALL the time. I'm ALL about comfort!!!!! And the first thing I've been doin lately is throwing my bra off when I get home. I hate that too! I love your new glasses by the way and I think you are a cutie, I wish I had your dimples! Mine are on the wrong cheeks..ha ha

kspt1999 said...

Had to laugh about the bra, since I thought I was in the minority for not wanting to wear a bra at home. :)

Girl, you still look all fixed up, even in your not fixed up mode. I am happy to know your not 100% frilly all the time. I can at least breath a sigh of relief if I ever meet you...of course then, you'll get all fixed up, lol.

- Kate - I'd sign in if I could remember my password that was wipe out during an electrical storm. ;)

kspt1999 said...

Obviously I figured out my password. :)