Saturday, September 1, 2007

I feel SOOO much better today. Yesterday was pretty bad. I had this nagging headache that would NOT go away. I really never have this "type" of headache before. I had no idea what it was about. I'm pretty much a headache expert, since I've been plagued with headaches since a child. I can usually tell if it's a sinus headache, tension, migraine etc. But, this one was new. It was so bad, I laid down while the kids I was watching were still here and passed out. I felt bad about it, but damn I didn't feel good you know? I think I pushed it going out and doing the shopping after coming off of being sick. As you get older, you have to be careful with shit like that. When you're younger, (hell I sound like i'm eighty or something) you can bounce back. Yet, even if you feel well, you're not, and if you push it, you make it worse. Which is what I did Luckily, their mom got off early and picked them up early, and Tony walked in shortly after she left.

So, I conked out again. As I was drifting back into sleep, I got to thinking maybe I'm dehydrated? Usually, I sweat like a whore in church, even if the weather is nice, and I wasn't particularly sweaty. I hadn't peed much either. I though "Hmm what did I have to drink today? Ok, two cups of coffee (maybe three that morning) a diet Coke, more coffee at my moms and that was about it" Bingo. Just a sip of water to take my morning pills, and drinks just CHOCK full of caffeine. I got up and drank some water, and laid back down. When I woke up, I felt much better, but this time I had a hunger headache, since I had also barely eaten yesterday. Ate, drank more water, took a migraine pill, played Nintendo, passed out on the couch, and woke up this morning feeling refreshed.

Tony was cute yesterday. I wasn't feeling well, and when that happens I don't feel very social. He had homework and other stuff going on. He kept asking me if I was mad at him, even after assuring him a BILLION times that no I was not mad, he kept asking. Poor baby. Finally, when I went to sleep on the couch, since I love the couch, and the attic fan was going and the breeze felt so good, he kinda freaked. Didn't understand why I would want to sleep on the couch. Why am I mad at him? What did he do? I just told him I wasn't mad, I thought he was doing homework blah blah blah. He got quiet, and said "I understand, I'm sorry. I know you feel more comfy on the couch." and he left. Came back with the nice blanket (that we usually fight over in bed ) and my pillow. Covered me up, kissed me goodnight, and I went blissfully to sleep. AAAAH

Sometimes, you just need to be alone. I know that sucks being a part of a family, but especially as a mom, you just need your space. Dads are kinda lucky, because kids, when they have a SAHM are just naturally inclinded to ask mom for help or ask them questions. Even if dad is more than capable of helping out. Sometimes I'll tell the kids "Go ask your dad" and they just kind of look at me with this "Why would we do THAT" look on their faces. It's heartwarming, yet exhausting. Dad is usually the fun parent, who gets down and plays horsey. Mom is everything else.

I woke up this morning though to a MESS in the house. The floors somehow managed to get so sticky and gross. You couldn't tell I mopped the floor like two days ago. The kids hard torn open my huge box of Splenda and apparantly had a Splenda packet fight, which I made them clean up. It's just Ugh. Gross. Really, really gross. I need to get in there and clean.

WE're supposed to go fishing today. I'm wondering if I can convince Tony to take the kids alone,so i can do a good scrubbin'. I mean, he's going to have an asston of time alone when we go to Branson on Monday for two days. Hmmm.

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