Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So, hey yeah, what's up people? Life has been a little... well not insane or crazy, but just life I guess, and everyime I think to update this thing, I get sidetracked or decide "Nahhh not now"

Tony's re-enlistment

So, Tony had his re-enlistment last Friday, signing up for six more years of the yo ho ho the sailors life for him. It was very cool. The last time he re-enlisted, we couldn't be there, as it was out in the middle of the sea off the coast of some country. He invited everyone he could that could be there on a Friday afternoon. My mom, my sister, his sister, his parents, some friends.

The best part is that he re-enlisted at our old high school, that is currently holding classes at his old middle school. Tony and I (and my sister after us) went to Cleveland Junior Naval Academy, which technically is a public school, but very choosy on who they accept. Although they had adminstrators and a principal (of course) they also had retired Navy and Marine as teachers, and THOSE were the ones you were scared of. In a typical school, you got in trouble, you went to the principlas office. At our school, you went to the Captains office, who has seen action in Vietnam, and if you were lucky you got out of there without him having a flashback (For real, my sister was there for a flashback).

He asked one of his old teachers to re-enlist him, which apparantly is a big effing deal to be asked. When we got there, HE was being congratulated. He is a TRUE sailor through and through, and one of the scariest muthas in that place.

He got started, and his hands were shaking he was so nervous. He re-enlisted Tony, and near the end I was distracted by one of the kids, I hear my name being called, and he had a certificate for me, which made me weepy. Then the best part? The KIDS got certificates. It was so sweet. He gave a little speech at the end about how, as teachers they don't make a lot (although, I'm sure he wasn't hurting with his Navy pension) and that seeing us there, (we had four graduates of the school there, Tony, myself, my sister, and a friend) doing well, with kids of our own, he said that is what teaching is all about, and that the school DOES work and that seeing us, and re-enlisting an old student was like a 20k bonus check. It was so sweet, and I admit that made me cry even harder. Tony gave a little speech saying if it wasn't for the school, his life in every aspect would have NOT turned out the way it had, and that he thanked the teachers for doing what they do.

Then that was it.

We did walk around and talk to a few of the old teachers before and after, which was nice. I have this thing where I don't think people will remember me. It's why I won't join MySpace, because I am afraid it will CONFIRM that no one really remembers me and honestly, that would be depressing. So I tell everyone MySpace is lame, but really, it's a potential black hole of suck for me. Yet, people DID remember me, and that made my day.

Also I got to finally lay my eyes on that horrible prick of a boss Tony has. This is how much Tony hates him, he wouldn't even introduce me, which is SO unlike Tony. He didn't introduce him to ANYBODY. Tony got a four day weekend for re-enlisting, and the guy in all seriousness after the re-enlistment turns to Tony and says "So, you're going back to the office right?" WHAT?!?! The teacher that re-enlisted Tony said "I just issued him a 96 hour leave pass like five minutes ago, and you want him to go BACK?" and Tony's commanding officer looked at Tony and said "That would be a big NO" Haha bastard!!

So, that was that.

Impromptu trip to Kansas City

Sunday, I decided to drive to Kansas City with my mom to watch one of Bo's soccer games. They just made Division 1 (I think that is what it'scalled, I am SO not a soccer person) and I really wanted to make an effort this time around to SEE some of her games. Boy, what an effort, three and a half hours there to watch a game that was 2 hours, and then drive back home.

I was a little concerned about driving with my MOM of all people, as we don't have a lot in common. She likes all things girly and foo foo, I like... Um video games and my laptop. She is neat and tidy... I am SO not. She always looks put together, and classy... I always look like I need a good hair brushing, and a shower. She likes to work out and be fit..... the buffest part of my body are my fingers from typing and Nintendo DS. We get along great, but I wasn't sure if we could fill 7 hours of car time with talking. I brought my DS just in case. Usually, if we spend any amount of time together alone, someone ends up pissed.

We didn't shut up the entire time. I had so much fun, and the time flew by in the car. It was a great time. We even drove around downtown KC to eat lunch and stuff. We never got snippy with each other, even when we got lost, and I had her turning around all over downtown. I am so glad we went. Bo's team lost though, and she was crabby. Oh we didn't tell her we were coming either, so she was so surprised.

Thank God for modern science. My mom has her hormone patch, and I have my anti depressants, so we were able to sit in a car together and not yell at each other.

So a very long, and very boring update. I've lost my touch.

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kspt1999 said...

Not boring at all! I've been wondering how the "mundane" part of life has been going. You can make boring look very fun!

I had to laugh at the thought that your not foo foo. If you truly were as you described, we would get along famously. However, every picture I have seen of you, you are dolled up and ready for a night on the town. Apparently you don't share pictures of the real you, lol.

I'm glad it was a fun trip. Those are memories that either make or break a relationship. :)