Friday, September 7, 2007

Ok, so I think everyone knows that Tony and I are geeknerds. That's ok I guess. We love video games. Ok? There. That's our little not so secret, secret. I have lingerie with buttons on them for those special nights. "Oh yeah baby, mash the X button... faster! Faster!! Faster!! Mash it like you're trying to do an Indy Flip Fishtail on SSX!! Yeah just like that, ok now feather my trigger while pushing A. YES!! YES!!! SUPER MARIO BROTHERS!! AAAAAHHH!!!!"

As long as I've known Tony, the guy has been a video game freak. Now, he's not like... uber obsessed. I mean, SURE there have been many nights, prekids where he would stay up until four am playing. Yes, once I took a hammer to the Sega because he was on it CONSTANTLY. But, he is also not one of those people that does it to the exclusion of everything else. He doesn't live or die for it, he just likes to play.

So, yesterday was our ten year anniversary (Thanks Jen and Dina for the well wishes!!) and he wanted to get me a Wii. As much as I SAY I want a Wii, something, I don't know WHAT keeps telling me not to do it. I don't know why. Honestly, I think it's because with the Wii, I'd have to go downstairs, and I'm all about sitting outside or in the living room, or hell the toilet if I want and be entertained. I already owned a pink Nintendo DS. I liked it a lot,but why the hell did Nintendo have to come out with a red and black one? It's so...... me! I'm not a pink girl, but I am a girl, and without other options, I chose pink. Mainly so I could snigger and make fun of Tony and make gay Navy jokes when he used it. See?!? A girl that loves pink would NOT buy it for THAT reason!

Anyway, I said No Thanks on the Wii, but if he wanted to, he could get a DS, since he is sick of the jokes. Also, you know, I'm not a good sharer. So, we pack up Jonny, and head to Gamestop. We get there, and there's that red and black DS. Fast forward, we walk out of there with a new black DS for Tony and the red and black one for ME. Nice huh?

It kind of works out though. Aislinn's original old skool DS (and by Old Skool I mean not even two years old) broke. At first, I was really, really irked about it, but come to find out I wasn't so irked about her BREAKING it as much as I was about her "Oh well, buy me a new one" attitude. When you get down to the nitty gritty.... the original ones were crappy. You can barely see the screen, and the flip top screen just isnt on there as securely as the new ones. Plus it weighs like 10 lbs. We made out a chore list though. She can't play Nintendo except during designated times, and after she has done her chores. And it's not her Nintendo. It's MINE and she has to ask to play it.

So, that's us. The geekTastic family I have.

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