Sunday, September 23, 2007

Don't ever, ever, ever do a garage sale. Ever. Did I mention... NEVER EVER!!

Holy Christ on a crutch what a pain.

Oddly enough, we all came away from the experience having learned a valuable lesson.

My mom and sister learned, just because it's on sale...doesn't mean you HAVE to buy it. I learned that it's easier to give it all away, than try and be greedy and sell it. The best part of the day was dropping off about 80% of our stuff at Goodwill. It was easy, painless, and freeing to give that stuff away and know that someone will buy it becuase they NEED it. Garage salers... they don't NEED any of the stuff they bought. People go to Goodwill usually to find something they want or need, garage salers are people who are just looking for a deal. The main stuff that was bought were stuff that was still in packages. A few grandmas came by and snapped up a few things at the end for their grandkids but that was about it. I will never do a garage sale again for teh simple fact you get one or two people who are so stingy they want everything for a dollar. One lady walked away with a stereo, digital camera, a baby Phat purse (still with tags on it showing the original price of $59) and a few other things for.... TWENTY TWO DOLLARS. Not let me tell you.. the stereo itse;f was $20. Her tactic? To not leave until she wore us down so much we wanted her to leave. She was a very large woman. Kept referencing God. (another hash mark for me to see Christianity as a character flaw) kept asking for a blessing, just kept on and on, until I had to walk away becuase I was going to tell her to just effing leave already. Saying that the stereo was far from top of the line. It was an RCA, five disc stereo. The digital camera was a sony Cybershot (granted only 4.1 mp) This woman knew what she was doing. Becuase in teh end, just to get her leave, she got what she wanted.

I had to bring the kids with me. When I sit and review the day, they were pretty GOOD considereing that they both had to get up before the sun was out, and spent pretty much all day outside being told not to touch this, not to do that, not to run there, not to bug them, etc. Near the end, when patience was running thin, I started to lose it a little with them.

One cool moment? My sister... she took my bassinet. She CLAIMS it's for the dog, but I think, I THINK, she's going to consider a baby soon. The dog has enough beds in that house, he doesn't need a bassinet. I got a little thrill in my heart. I'll be an aunt some day. Granted an aunt that lives 900 miles away, but an aunt no less!!

Oh I forgot to mention the grand total of my first ever forary into garage saling. Ready for this?!?

26 dollars.

I have nine of it left.

Totally NOT worth getting up at 4:50, the mess that my house is in right now, and the aggravation of seeing your stuff NOT sell.

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