Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Girls... they wanna piss each other off

Sing the title of this entry to the tune of Girls just Wanna have Fun.

Ugh. I didn't know that petty shit girls did to each other started so early. Aislinn has always been a power house personality in this house, so imagine my surprise when she gets to school, and she's not like that there. She's a sweet girl, caring of her friends, to the point of allowing them to walk all over her to get them to like her. Trust me, this sends me into a spiral of "What did I do wrong?". I always thought I would have a queen bee, not a wanna be.

We have a brother and sister that come here after school while their mom is at work. She picks them up around six. This gives the kids about 2 1/2 hours of hanging out. This worked well at first, but the more time they spend together, the more the two girls have rows. Both Aislinn and the other little girl are in the same class. Both are older sisters, both have similiar personaly traits, and sometimes, a lot of the times, this causes problems.

I've tried to be fair, and level headed, trying to remember that kids all have their own personalities, and that sometimes they clash. The two boys, Jonny and the brother, sure they fight, but it's usually quickly forgotten. Just like men. Yet the two girls, oh Lord the two girls, well let's just say I am happy with my decision to stop at two kids. Having two girls in this house would be too much.

Probably at first, I rode Aislinn harder, to try and be nice as the bro and sis were "guests" in our homes. Yet as the weeks wore on, that kind of went to way side. Today I had to have a talk about being nice and fair and sweet to each other. It breaks my heart when I see my daughter the subject of an I don't like you attack. To other little girl, these are words you just say when angry, to Aislinn it's like a dagger in the heart that makes her feel real pain.

I'm hoping these girls can get it together. Right now, Aislinn is grounded for hitting the other girl.

I didn't know that this kind of stuff started so early. It's heartbreaking really.

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