Monday, November 26, 2007

Happiness is.....


The end.

Ok, well not the end, for reals.

We have been here since Wednesday, and we finally got cable today. The kids, they have been quiet. Eerily so. The only time I notice them is when I go upstairs. Or down. Because, apparantly I have not cut that cord yet. When I got up, they go up, if I go down, they go down. If I manage to sneak up or down without one of them, I get to hear "Moooommmmmm!!!! Where are you? Moooomm? The cord, it's stretched too far, and I am being deprived of sweet sweet nourishments. I neeeeeddddd YOOOOOUUUUU!" I am already beginning to hate this two story thing. The funny thing is, we had an upstairs and downstairs in the old place, and this was never an issue. Well kind of an issue, but they just depended on each other.

Funny thing is that Aislinn is watching Hannah Montana. We had avoided the HM obsession up until this VERY moment. All I can say is that I detest the Disney kids mugging and over acting.

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