Sunday, December 2, 2007

The house is coming along... we put up all our pictures, and most the clutter is cleared away from the downstairs. The upstairs... we won't discuss that. We got the turtle set up in his tank, with a new heater, and lamp. Merry Christmas you little fucker.

Today, we took the kids out and did some browsing for a new tv. Unfortunately, you can't get a regular ole tv anymore it seems, and I'm cheap! I just want a regular old tv since ours bit the dust for the bedroom. We need two tv's. I am SO sick of watching Disney channel and Nick.

Oh and we got all our Christmas decorations up. We decided to skip the outdoor lights this year, since we got a late start on getting it all together. But, our tree is up, and our mantel is fixed up all perty.

That's the tree. For the life of me I could NOT get a good picture of it. But, you get the point. You've seen one tree you've seen em all right?

That's the mantel. I love it. It doesn't look like much in the picture, but it looks really cool in person. You can't really tell, but the candles are all lit.

Everything is coming together nicely. Now just to focus on the kids gifts. I haven't gotten either of them ONE single thing. Sigh.

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