Monday, December 3, 2007

This is nice.

Here I sit, husband beside me, movie going. The Christmas tree is lit up. Dinner is done, and a machine is washing the dishes. The kids are quiet and I have a hot cup of coffee beside me. Life just doesn't get much better than this. Especially the machine washing the dishes part. I have periodically made out with my dishwasher on a regular basis since moving in.

I am 99% sure I am going to start my medical transcriptioning course after the first of the year. I am oddly excited about this. I am not opposed to working, but if I can do it in my pj's then hell yeah bitches, I'm all for that.

Aislinn has been enjoying her position as "new kid on the block". All weekend we had kids running in and out of our house. There are four kids her age that live all within a few doors away from each other. They have been over everyday since the second day of school. They all go home promptly at five. I never wanted to be the kid house, but if I am going to be the kid house, I honestly couldn't ask for better kids to track leaves into my living room. They are all SO polite and well mannered. They all run home to check in once an hour. We've walked them all home at one point or another to introduce ourselves to the parents so they know we're not weird goat worshippers or anything.

Aaaahh. That is the sigh of contentment.

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