Monday, December 17, 2007

I had one of those days, where you feel like all you've done is run around the house, doing this,and doing that, but when I look around, you can't tell. You can't tell I did a damn thing.

My life is so snooze fest boring right now. It really is. With little money to actually go out and do things, we've been pretty much home bound. This weekend we did got to Breakfast With Santa at Aislinn's school. It was nice. We had a very school cafeteria breakfast, with hot microwaved pancakes, and mystery meat sausages, stewed apples to make it "healthy" and a frozen juice. It wasn't SUPPOSED to be frozen, but it was frozen none the less. All of it was surprisingly tasty.

The kids had their pics with Santa, and I liked it because it only cost a dollar. Suck it mall Santa! With your overblown prices, and long long line, and your surly attitude. Aislinn's art teacher was the photographer, so she made sure that the kids were at least looking in the general direction, even if Santa had to forcibly hold Jonny's hands away from his face.

Before we left, we were trying to get a feel for what the kids were going to ask Santa for. If they wanted something extravagant, we'd nix it in some way. Aislinn is totally testing the "Is Santa real or not" theory. She asked for a pony, a laptop, a second wii, and some other outlandish things. Finally she ended up asking "If Santa knows everything I do, why do I have to ask? He should just KNOW" Damn. I was hoping to be able to get another year or two before this started up. Before I could "guide" her on what to ask for, but this year, that wasn't happening. As if that wasn't bad enough, she ended up asking for something off the wall. A stretchy sea turtle, like the kind she got from the little shop at the campgrounds one year. GREAAAT. Thanks to the power of the internet though, I was able to find one.

Jonny on the other hand, he showed Tony FIVE things he was going to ask for. Tony explained you could only ask for ONE thing, which Jonny thought was a crock of shit, because he started in with the whining. When Santa asked what he wanted he replied in a surly reply "Daddy said I could only ask for ONE thing" Which cracked us all up. He asked for the Geo Trax train set.

Then we went out to the mall to get our family ornament. This is something we've done every year since 2003. We looked around, and didn't see anything we could agree on. Finally, Jonny holds up a little ornament and asks "How bout this one?" It was perfect. Two bears on a wreath, then you bought extra bears to hang off of it. Too cute!

We get home, and that starts the search for the shit they asked for. Of course, we had neither of the things they wanted. The only place online that had the Geo Trax was Amazon for a hundred dollars. I freaked out! First, I can't spend a hundred dollars on ONE toy, and two, I wouldn't spend a 100 dollars on one toy even if I had the money. Tony found the ad Jonny was looking at, and it was the current ad. It had the train in the Toys R Us ad for 35 dollars with BONUS cars. I sent him out, and he got the last one. Luck was on our side.

I'm very proud of Aislinn on a totally different note. Since starting this school in Va, she is doing AMAZINGLY. She even comes home and asks to do her homework right away. She's finally learned to get it done when she walks in the door, she is free for the rest of the afternoon/evening. She gets home so early that there is plenty of play time left. She gets home around 2:45 and was done with homework by 3:05. She has take home reading a few nights a week. She brings a little book home on Mondays. When she brought the book home today, it was an Advanced REading book,a nd she READ it. I had to sign a slip of paper saying I give permission for her to take the AR reading quiz so she can move to the next level. I hope she passes. I told her how proud of her I was, and I told her she was officially a reader! She said "But, mom I will never be a book worm like you". I told her she didn't have to be, that a lot of people aren't readers, but become them later in life. She looked at me like I was nuts, like who would WANT to spends hours reading other than her dorky mom.

We signed her up for art classes and for Girl Scouts. I want her to have things to look forward to while Tony is gone. Also, it will break the week up for us I'm sure.

Well, that is my boring update and entry.

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